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Jan 7, 2009 09:35 AM

London: Fish n Chips - Without the Fish?

As a transplanted NY'er, my girlfriend is coming to visit and I'd like to take her to a serious fish n chips place - but I don't eat fish. I've read about the Golden Hind as the place to go, but can't seem to find a menu online.

My ask is this - what is the best London fish & chip shop that also serves chicken, or some other non-fish dish??


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  1. I'm not certain but I think that Master's Superfish have some non-fish options (sorry, I never get past the haddock and they don't seem to have a website). Think that the same people run the Chinese place next door (never been) so it shouldn't be too hard to source an alternative main course. Give 'em a call.

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      I see on one website that the Golden Hind has a Greek salad. I'm not sure that would be enough of a meal for you, but surely a girlfriend (who travelled) is worth the sacrifice. I also found a site with the menu, but all they showed was the fish menu!

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        I don't know if you're allowed to do this, but here's a link to a blog I found on google (it might belong to someone on here, even) and it has an image of the menu:

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          The menu at Masters Super Fish, that is.

      2. The Golden Hind is superb. I've visited many times and it is always fresh (cooked when you order) and delicious. As others have said, they offer a greek salad but really the menu is fish, fish, fish. And the fish is delicious!!!!
        Be aware that it is a BYOB.

        1. Excellent, thanks for the info everyone... sounds like I can probably make do with a greek salad and a plate of chips. (never thought I'd see that combo!)

          I hope she realises the sacrifices I make! haha, maybe I'll just make her stand in line at La Relais afterwards!

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            I can confirm that the Golden Hynd only has fish which I also don't like. However on Berwick st there's a great fish & chip shop that serves other than fish home made pies, sausages etc. It's a greasy spoon type cafe with formica tables but the place is always full with a long line of people outside for the takeaway service. I don't think the place has a name as there's only Fish & chips written above the door. I also don't know if it's open at night as I've only ever eaten there at lunchtime.
            There's another place which is new at the beginning of Poland St just off Oxford st. I've never eaten there but there was also a long line of people waiting outside at lunchtime. I do know that they close around 8pm. as I passed it as they were closing up. It also has pies etc. as I checked out the menu for a future visit.

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              I just tried googling the place & found that it does indeed have a name it's called "The Dining Plaice" and the address is 20 berwick st.

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                What about Geales? I have heard it is good but I have never been. Their menu has a macaroni cheese option and a steak too. I also used to go to Sea Cow in Clapham, but can't find a website for them.

          2. I like the Golden Hind more than Fryer's Delight, but iirc, Fryer's Delight does serve meat pies etc.