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Jan 7, 2009 09:27 AM

Funky Lil Kitchen

in Pottstown. Anyone been recently? I had heard about it a few years ago, and was wondering if was still worth checking out.

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  1. It's a great place to eat. My husband and I eat there a few times a year and have never been disappointed. We recommend FLK to everyone in the area.

    The Brickhouse(also in Pottstown) is also a great place to go fro drinks and bar-type food

    1. We were there last summer and very much enjoyed. Good value for the quality we got, BYOB is always helpful that way. Relatively simple food, but I prefer that, well made, to really complicated and exotic. I wish I got back more often, but it's a little far for us, and of course, our dining out budget is pretty shrunk these days.


      1. We went about a year ago with some friends, and all four of us were a wee bit underwhelmed.

        The food and the service were okay, but it wasn't an experience for which I'd go too far out of the way.

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          Overall I think it's ok. It's very small, borderling claustrophic inside though and the menu is very limited. However, as Francis mentioned, since it's pretty "simple" food finding something to eat shouldn't be a problem.

          If I happened to be in Pottstown and needed a place to eat I'd go, but I wouldn't drive 20 minutes out of my way to go there though.

        2. I like FlK. It's very good. We drive there from Pville several times a year. Chef seems to really like using local food supplies, so I find that the better meals are during the growing season. Menu is limited, but always seems to have something in each catagory. I like the atmosphere. We always recommend it to friends.

          1. I had one of the worst meals of my life there... I was served spoiled rotten fish. The server NEVER came back to the table to check on us. The person I was dining with had finished their whole meal by about 15 minutes when the table next to us mentioned to our server that she might want to check on us. This was after a good 25 minutes of trying to make eye contact and doing a crane neck back to the open kitchen area of the restaurant. When the server did come to the table, she told me I must be wrong... they never serve bad fish. I insisted it be returned to the kitchen... she then came back with her tail between her legs and said that the chef agreed with me. (of course he did... it was rancid!). I have honestly never had anything close to this happen to me in any other restaurant. Had the server checked back within the first five minutes, it would've been no big deal... as it was, I ended up not eating a meal with my partner. I don't doubt that others have had good meals there... but you'll never get me back in that place again