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Korea Town Recs

Although living in Manhattan for over 10 years, I'm only now venturing to Korea town to eat. Any recommendations on restaurants and specific dishes (I'm not very familiar with Korean food)? Thanks!

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    1. Gahm Mi Oak for ox-one soup
      Bon Chon Chicken for fried chicken
      Mandoo Bar for dumplings

      There are a ton of mediocre restaurants on that street, so beware. Oh, and also Woorijip for when you only have seven dollars to your name...

      1. haven't tried madangsui but really fond of wonjo and don's bogam for korean bbq, if ur lookin for fresh made tofu dishes, go to cho dang gol... madangsui and bon chon are solid bets as well... i would also recommend shanghai mong or hyo dong gak for jja jjang myun (noodles with black bean sauce)... po cha 32 and baden baden are also great to grab food with your beer/soju...

          1. You should definitely read all the threads linked above, but for what it's worth, I like Madangsui for BBQ, Han Bat for hyaemul dolsot bibimbap, and Mandoo Bar for mandoo soup.

            1. Also BCD Tofu for soon doo boo (Natural Tofu in Queens is MUCH better, but IMO BCD is best in Manhattan) and E-mo for kimbap.

              1. and of course, everyone's favorite secret: Woo Ri Jip for the cheapest and best value on the block.

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                  Secret from me, until now. It's on 32nd? What do you like there?

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                    haha, well its takeout but there's tons of seats and the place actually gets really packed. they have a per pound buffet ($6.99 maybe?) of hot and cold, a lot of prepared foods. they also have a frequent buyers card (purchases over $5 get a stamp, 20 stamps fills a card which you can trade in for aprons, dishes, soju and I think, more food). of all the kimbaps, I like the spicy tuna, 11 pieces for $4. of the kimchi, they have a lot, I've gotten the standard, the acorn jelly thing; they used to have a very nice vegetarian dish that was very simple steamed kale, mushrooms and rolled seaweed. of the "don" boxes, the spicy pork with kimchi is good at $5.50, the chicken katsu with curry is sorta bland but also $5.50. Their fried pork stuff (like sweet-sour, or tang-soo-yook, etc.) is pretty bad, but cheap, I think they have a very big serving at $6 or $6.50. sometimes they have grilled mackerel with 3 or 4 large midsection pieces for around $5, etc. in season, they have these fried fish with huge egg sacs, I think the name starts with an "s" and those are really good too. its not as good as going to Cafe Zaiya but the food is excellent value and def. the cheapest on the block if you're gonna pick up some takeout. lot of people also just eat in and they have plenty of beer and soju as well.

                    12 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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                      Yeah, the takeout place. I knew it but forgot the name, and I've had pretty good stuff from there, but not recently. Thanks for all the recommendations!