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Jan 7, 2009 08:58 AM

Dinner with a Baby

I'll be in Manhattan on Friday and will be traveling with my 9-month old baby and my four year old son. I'm struggling with what is the best kind of place to take them. I perused a copy of Time Out Kids NY and it has burger joints and the usual kiddie hangouts. We like ethnic food and my older son is fairly adventurous. On another outing to the city we ate at Ali Baba and that was great. Any suggestions on family friendly spots where you could bring a baby and enjoy good food as well?

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  1. There are two neighborhoods in Manhattan in which a lot of kids live. Do searches for the UWS, Upper West Side and Tribecca and most of the restaurants are very used to kids. Both areas have a Dean's Pizza which works well for kids and groups, though there are many other choices

    1. Try Landmarc in TriBeCa. I feel like I heard somewhere that they are kid friendly. I've eaten there and it's good and reasonably priced. If you want a more kidcentric experience, I think Chocolate By the Baldman, is a little kid's dream.

      1. It is pricier than many other Indian restaurants, but I like the food at Dawat, and they've always been great with kids there.

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          mmmmmm.... we love dawat, and they are great with kids.

          Having a young one ourselves we're now more focused on baby friendly places, and have found most places to be very accomodating.

          Artisanal is another place we've brought our 8 month old son to several times, being a city baby the constant hum of loud conversation puts him instantly to sleep. We've seen many other large families with kids of all ages.

          But you'll find that as long as your children are well behaved, most places happily acommodate diners of any age as long as you mention it when making the reservation.

        2. Most any Chinese or Korean restaurant would be fine to take your kids to. There are great places in Queens, so post to Outer Boroughs for suggestions on those. In Manhattan, my favorite Chinese restaurant is Szechuan Gourmet, but their non-spicy dishes have bored me and it's a bad idea to ask them to tone down the spiciness, because the dishes come out with unbalanced flavors. So I think a place like one of the Grand Sichuans would work better. I consider the 24th St./9th Av. location the best, but it's way crowded, so you could consider the St Marks location or perhaps the 7th Av. location people have been posting about lately (which I haven't been to). You could certainly take them to places in Chinatown, like Great NY Noodletown, Shanghai Cafe, Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, and Skyway (Malaysian but with some Cantonese dishes that are also good and not spicy).

          1. i've seen young children les halles on park ave and blue ribbon bakery. when we were at les halles, the child at the table next to us was provided with a coloring book and crayons.

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              I have seen children at Union Square Cafe, The Palm, Campagnola and other high restaurants. This is NYC, eat where you wish, you just might want to go on the early side. If another customer has a problem, with two well behaved children, too bad(if you kids are screaming and running around, different story).

              I would also suggest Landmarc(special menu), theres also a location in the Time Warner building.