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Little Q Update?

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Anyone know when Little Q Hotpot in Quincy will be closing? Any word on their looking to move to another location? I had heard that awhile ago, but nothing since...

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  1. At the moment, they are still open. Haven't heard anything on a timeframe for closing though. Have you tried the shabu place in North Quincy yet?

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      Thanks, Pegmeister. No, I haven't been there yet. I keep saying I'll get there, but still haven't gotten around to it. Have you been there?

      1. re: hiddenboston

        I was hoping you had because it's been on my to go list for a bit. I always end up going to Shabu Zen which I love, but this new place is just 2 minutes from home.

      2. re: Pegmeister

        Where is this shabu you speak of??

        1. re: C. Hamster

          It's on Hancock Street right past Billings Rd. I forget the name of it but it's just a few storefronts up past the intersection (going towards the North Quincy T stop) on the left side.

          1. re: massgirl

            It's just called Shabu.

            1. re: massgirl

              Just up from Pho?

              1. re: C. Hamster

                Next door to Beni Cafe.

          2. re: Pegmeister

            If you're asking for opinions, I did go last summer and thought they were good. They had a rudimentary menu but the waiter suggested that more stuff would show up soon. Overall, the stuff was good. Their beef/steak options are huge, thin slices of steak (as if they shaved an actual steak lengthwise). The waiter was also very attentive and super nice.

          3. I was in Little Q about a month ago and asked our server when they would be moving and she basically said it is still up in the air, so they are operating business as usual for now. I have tried Shabu in Quincy recently - I think the broths are more flavorful at Little Q...but I thought Shabu was very good and service was also good.

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            1. re: bostongal

              We actually ended up going to Little Q last night. It was excellent once again--the boneless short rib slices were outstanding. I asked our server if she had any updates on the status of the place, and she said that they are "fighting it" and that even if they do have to close, it probably wouldn't be until later in the year. So Little Q should be around for at least awhile longer, which makes me very happy. :-)