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Jan 7, 2009 08:44 AM

Restaurant week for a veggie

Would love to do restaurant week, but one family member is a vegetarian. Any good ideas for a good restaurant that would have a veggie option?

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  1. I would think anything italian would have a pasta option. The website has the menus for some restaurants online. A Voce may have something, perhaps call and ask as the menu is not listed for that one.

    1. At Cafe Boulud, one of their four regular menus is devoted to vegetarian dishes. They are participating in RW for lunch, so you might give them a call to see if there will be any vegetarian dishes on the RW menu.

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        In addition, Boulud's flagship, Restaurant Daniel, has a vegetarian menu. My wife is a vegetarian and we have been to both to celebrate special occasions. At our trip to Daniel, we ran into Chef Boulud on our way out and my wife told him how happy she was with her meal. He told her they love vegetarians there, and next time we come to let them know if we would be getting the veggie tasting menu ahead of time, because they could have done "so much more."

        Hopefully, at least one of his places are participating. Good luck!

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          Daniel Boulud's flagship restaurant never participates in RW. However, his three other restaurants -- Cafe Boulud, Bar Boulud, and dbBistro Moderne -- are participating for lunch only.

      2. I am vegetarian and have had very good luck at Eleven Madison Park and Tabla during restaurant week.

        1. Also, been to Devi for lunch prie fixe. great vegetarian choices and fantastic food. I think I read they are participating.

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            They are and many of their veggie dishes are better than the meat dishes. Enjoy!

          2. Most restaurants will accomodate a vegetarian. I've been to Le Cirque (not so good food-wise) and EMP (highly recommend) w/my vegetarian sister. I also agree w/the Devi suggestions.