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Jan 7, 2009 08:43 AM

3 nights in naples?

Going to naples at the end of the month for 3 nights. Was there a few years ago and went to baleen, chops and syrah. Looking for new places. Its a special occasion so I am looking for mostly fine dining/upscale, but I will go anywhere if its great. I think we are supposed to go to the Grill at the Ritz one night but the other 2 are open. Any suggestions?

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  1. For upscale, I would dine at Campiello and M Waterfront Grille.

    1. Our favorite meal in the area last season was at Wyld's Cafe, on Bonita Springs Rd. in Bonita, just north of Naples. Excellent food and service at very reasonable prices for the area. Truluck's is very good, though the somewhat formal vibe there reminds me of an elegant hotel restaurant. Though it is part of an upscale chain, I've always been happy and impressed by the food and service at Roy's, which is a pretty good value if you get their three-course prix fixe meal for $35, or is it up to $38? For something unusual and off the beaten path, the Real Macaw serves spicy island-inspired fare and wonderful johnny cakes and has beautiful birds in cages -- be sure to get good directions; it is hard to find the first time, and it used to be cash-only but I believe now takes plastic.

      1. Bay House, North Naples
        At least this place has a sense of place. Most popular restaurants in Naples (chops, campiello, handsome harry's, etc etc) could be anywhere: Detroit, Chicago, New York, DC I'm getting bored with them.

        Sea Salt, Third Street South
        Great menu and great design. Won't review until I've had dinner there. Just cold seafood so far but it was great. I've heard nothing but raves. Flavor of the minute in Naples.

        While I love Campiello, it is coasting or is having some server problems. Last week was disappointing in service and the restaurant was not busy at all on a Saturday at 1 pm. I think Sea Salt is giving it a run. Too many restaurants for this economy, even in Naples.

        Bice is having problems.

        1. I love Bay House but didn't recommend it because of it's location in North Naples, about 20 minutes north of 5th Ave. If that isn't an issue, I would definitely try it.

          I haven't been to Campiello this season and hope it's not on a downward slide.

          As an aside LilMs, I'm hoping you'll attend the chowdown at IMTapas.

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            When is the chowdown? I'd love to attend.

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              It's listed as a sticky at the top of the Florida board. I guess not everyone notices that. I need to add it to the IM Tapas thread. It's January 22nd, at 6:30. They are gracious enough to offer us 1/2 price corkage on wine we bring. It would be great to have you there.

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                do come by for a brief cameo appearance Jan 22 6:30 at IM Tapas-there will be some bloggers and others in attendance who are fairly well known people in the area..
                If the evening doesn't work, I'd like to introduce you to some others who you may like testing new spots with and go behind teh scens with, afterwards.
                email Rev at:

          2. Trulucks off 5th Street. The best restaurant I've been to in Naples. Just went last night for the first time. Been coming to Naples for 20 years. If you can't get reservations request the lounge. The service and ambiance is excelent. Old school lounge, but a young crowd. 100 wines by the glass and a selection of wine flights. Great stone crab. Save room for dessert.

            Trulucks Seafood Steak Crab House
            698 4th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102