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Jan 7, 2009 08:04 AM

King City?

Traveling back to the Bay Area from San Luis Obispo on Jan. 2, I stopped in King City for a Mexican road bite. Since my son has returned to Poly after a hiatus, the changes in the dining scene in King City were remarkable. Unfortunately, many were closed during the holiday hiatus. Any information on Mexican dining there would be appreciated. Especially intriguing were Huarache King and a new paleteria. I settled for Tacos La Poteranca De Jalisco but had to eat the excellent carnitas sopes in my car because it was so cold.

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  1. Since most all of the posts about King City are from travelers, let's challenge all those who stop in KC regularly for chow or refreshments to post on a regular basis; anyting that they think we need to know about menus, hours of operation, new venues etc. Let have all the details!

    Let's keep this an ongoing project, shall we? If you stop and eat, please post!

    EA thanks for your report; can you give us more details? any pics?

    1. Sister just passed through here and found what she said was a beautiful public park close in town by following the signs from the 101 exit. Said it was a terrific place for a picnic. The tuna deli sandwiches at Subway in King City are pretty good so then sitting in this park eating them could sound like a nice mid road trip break in this culinary wasteland spot.

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        I beg to differ with the culinary wasteland designation. King City is a hotbed of Mexican cooking. There have to be 8 Mexican places downtown. La Poteranca has been my standby but it is just an old fashioned drive in with Mexican food that is very tasty. The ambience is bare roadside or unheated indoor with strange fountain and Spanish language television.

        Porky goodness, whether carnitas or al pastor. Sopes and tacos to die for.

        Now, there is a huarache place in town and a paleteria. More to explore!

        1. re: EdwardAdams

          You won me over and claiming "porky goodness" (yum) is good enough for me to get past the fast food gas station island I more typically associate with a King City Highway 101 road trip stop - my apologies.