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Jan 7, 2009 07:32 AM

Anaheim/Yorba Linda Area

My friend needs to find a spot for a rehearsal dinner for 25. The group is all in their 20's and though I'm not sure of her budget, I know she was considering either WoodRanch or Don Jose's. Which is better? Are there any other similarly priced options in the area? A bar is a must. Thanks!

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  1. I'm partial to Taps in Brea. Great location on Imperial Hwy, and awesome food. Anything you want from seafood to chops. The bar is fab there...I have yet to have a bad drink there. Service is also spectacular...the staff always has good recs if you're not sure what you want. It might be a tad more expensive than Wood Ranch or Don Jose, but worth every penny!

    Taps Fish House & Brewery
    101 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821

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      Agree, this is the place to go. If you want to stay Mexican, I'd suggest El Farolito in Placentia over Don Jose's.