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Jan 7, 2009 07:19 AM

looking for a great bar/lounge within walking distance from Tribeca

For my husband's 30th birthday we are eating at matsugen (recession $35 special) and will then venture out to a bar. we are looking for a place that is not too loud so that we can actually talk to our friends. it would also be great if this drinking establishment was not super expensive...

thanks in advance!

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  1. for a cocktail lounge you are very close to b flat - but it isn't exactly cheap.

    there is also puffy's tavern, for a more old school bar feel about 2 or 3 blocks west of matsugen

    although i know there is a lot of hate for it on this site for reasons i cannot quite grasp this is exactly the sort of question excels at. go the matsugen listing, and under the map will be a link to nearby restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc

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      The lounge at Macao Bar might work. The drinks are pretty good. I like B Flat also but can be a little sedate.

    2. Bubble Lounge is cute. On the pricier side though.

      1. Brandy Library for sure...