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Jan 7, 2009 06:59 AM

Chef's Choice Meats CLE

The PeeDee ran a nice article about this place in Berea yesterday. Do any CLE hounds have any experience with this shop? I'll be visiting family in CLE in a few months and would love to check it out if it's worth the visit. BTW: My niece sent me a lovely Xmas care package from The Sausage Shoppe which Mrnyc was kind enough to turn me onto a few years ago.

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  1. the sausage shoppe rules - ha!

    i've heard of chef's choice, but i am not personally familiar. i was just speaking to my mother on the phone and she said she has been there, but goes to fligners market in lorain as its close to home for her (btw you might try that sometime too, fligners claims to have the biggest meat counter in ohio and i 100% believe them).

    if you dont get a response here try the cleveland dot com food&wine forum, thats really the most popular cleveland food forum anyway. they will chime in with opinions. ps -- if you think of it report back when you go too.

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      Thanks, my friend. The Sausage Shoppe does indeed rule. As I told my niece, "this sausage makes me want to move back to Cleveburg!"