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Jan 7, 2009 06:57 AM

Dinner around 51st/Lex vicinity

3 ladies staying at above location looking for great dinner place within reasonable walking distance (up to 65th or down to 32nd staying E) or shortish taxi ride. $100 per person including a drink or two would be nice. Italian, French, Greek, Turkish, Indian, American all great! Pleaseant atmosphere--not too hip or too young. Any great ideas for us?

Was thinking The Modern Bar but read mixed reviews.

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  1. I reccomend #1 Felice.
    PJ Clarke's
    Brasserie 360
    Patsy's Pizzeria

    1. I like Cabana on Lex and (61st, I think?) It's the three of NYC locations, but I think it's pretty good cuban at a decent price. There's also Pompano, off third ave., which is supposed to be good Mexican and Pescatore on 2nd in the low 50's for italian.

      1. Taking your budget into consideration....

        For Italian, I highly recommend Convivio, on Tudor City Pl., b/t 42nd & 43rd Sts. Delicious food, mixed ages crowd, and atmospherics which are accurately described by the restaurant's name -- convivial. There is an a la carte menu, but the best way to go is the 4-course prix-fixe for $59.

        1. Anthos (greek) at 1st & 49th. Cibo @ 2nd & 41st. Luna Piena (Italian) on 53rd bet. 2nd & 3rd. La Mangeoire on 2nd & 53rd. Sip Sak (Turkish) on 2nd bet 49 & 50th. All menus available on Some have early prix fixe.

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            I'll second La Mangeoire and throw in Jubilee, at 347 E. 54th St.