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Jan 7, 2009 06:47 AM

suggest restaurant with space for a wedding reception, please!

Hi there!

We just got engaged and I'm appalled at the prices of the halls and facilities. I'm trying the restaurant with event space angle now, but I live in New York, so I could use a little help from the experts! We're looking outside of Philadelphia- mostly Montgomery County but we could go further, too. We are inviting 125, but that probably wouldn't be the final number. I am not the typical bride whose been marrying off barbie dolls are her life. I'm way more into the good food than the centerpieces (we're diy-ing mostly everything). We'd need a space to be able to dance in. What am I missing...OH! We don't have a date set b/c we're trying to stay open for off-season rates and discounts, so anytime off season time this year from July out. Am I missing anything? We would love to stay within a topped out $7500 budget for all fees, bar, and food. There's a little more wiggle room there, but we're trying to kepe that queit :).

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to even read this!

WOOHOO!!!! We're gettin' married!!!

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  1. Check out Georges' in Wayne. They cater events in "The Village Hall" (or something like that) which is right next to the restaurant. My company holiday party has been there the past few years and we get about 100 people in there. I'm not sure what the pricing is like but its worth a shot. I had a smaller brunch party at Georges' before and they gave us a private room for no charge.

    1. We have hosted some lovely events - and attended others - at Evviva, in Narberth. Evviva is not used as a restaurant; it is strictly for catering.
      There is a parking lot and garden; they provide the floral centerpieces.
      The food is quite good and plentiful. Usually your guests will have choice of main entree, and you can selects the three or four choices. There is space for dancing, a good bar, etc.
      The cost is much less than a downtown hotel, and everyone is pleased.
      You can also arrange to bring your own wine and liquor.

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