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Manhattan Chef's Table

I will be in Manhattan in April with my family (6 of us) and was looking to do something a bit out of the ordinary. Usually we go to a nice dinner (Gordon Ramsay, Per Se, etc.) but this year I was thinking about finding a great restaurant with a Chef's table in the kitchen that we can dine at and have a interactive experience. I live in Philadelphia and several restaurants here offer this. Price is really no object, I just want great food and a great experience.

I looked on the boards and didn't find any discussions on this, but I find it hard to believe that none of the finer restaurants in Manhattan have a chef's table. Any input or reviews of chef's table experiences in Manhattan would be appreciated.

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  1. Places offer this as an event, though I don't know of any restaurants that do this on a regular basis. Check out the James Beard Foundation's website, as they often have events like this. Also, Zagat Buzz might put you in the know of what is going on while you're in town... I am sure you can find something interesting and interactive going on.

      1. Try the Kitchen Counter at Beacon. It's only offered once a week though on Thursdays.

        Sample menu:

        Also Bloomfield Road offers a chef's table as well.

        1. I ate at the Chef's table at Gordon Ramsay at the London. It was wonderful

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            Second the chef's table at GR. But I think the best chef's table got to be Tom's Tuesday by Tom Colicchio. (only if you can get a reservation)

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              Just dine at degustation, get a chefs table experience and amazing food. Beacon is good, but so heavy you walkaway never wanting to eat again.

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                Degustation's counter seating is best for 2 (OP mentioned they will be a party of 6). I went once with 3 (sat on a corner) and it was a bit awkward.

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                  my bad, didn't see it was for 6. Wouldnt recommend Degustation for more than 3, and with that a corner is a must like you said.

          2. forget about dining in the kitchen...dine above it in the Skybox at Daniel. i've done gordon ramsay chef's table and it was amazing...got to get up and cook the dessert ourselves with the pastry chef. exec chef josh emmit was great. took time to come over and hang out with us.

            1. Read this NYT article by Bruni on Chef's tables. It covers Craft, Bloomingdale Road and Beacon.

              1. The chef's table with Callichio sounds great, but unfortunately I'm looking for a Saturday night. We dined at Gordon Ramsay last year, so I was looking for something elsewhere. I have heard about the "cube" at Daniel, but I'm not sure if it can handle 6 people (some write-ups I've read about it indicate that it is a small area).

                Has anyone had any experiences at Cafe Grey, Le Bernardin or Chanterelle? After doing some research I've found that these places all have Chef's Tables. At one point in time, I know that Alain Duscasse had a chef's table in the kitchen at the Essex House but i'm not sure about his new place.

                Thanks everyone for your continuing help with this.

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                1. check out Hearth in E. VIllage (Marco Canora) and Park Avenue Winter. both should be pretty good options for you. also check out a restaurant called 'the house' in gramercy.

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                    Before Park Avenue Cafe was morphed into SummerFallWinterSpring, there was a chef's table. However, I'm pretty sure they've done away with it.

                    As for Hearth, the only place to watch the chefs cook is sitting at the pass. There are only four seats there, and they are first come, first served.