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Jan 7, 2009 04:39 AM

Mahzu in East Windsor - Anyone Tried?

A group of us are thinking of trying the new Mahzu Japanese Restaurant located in the Windsor Crossing n Shopping Plaza on Rte. 130 in East Windsor. Has anyone dined here, and if so, your thoughts on the place? I understand this is a family operation that has restaurants in Aberdeen and Freehold.



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  1. Have always liked the Mahzu in Aberdeen and Freehold but have not been for a couple of years.
    Thanks for the info on the East Windsor Location. Work close by in South Brunswick and now have an alternative to Fuji in Dayton which is also good. Been getting my fix there lately.

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      This is interesting. There is a Mahzu here in Norwich CT and they have a "Holmdel roll" and an "Aberdeen roll" which I found interesting because I grew up in Hazlet. I haven't had too many different items from there because I don't eat shellfish but the tuna and salmon and veggie-based sushi are all very good, probably the best in the area. I am guessing that there has to be some relation between this and the Jersey Shore places.

    2. I have tried the one in Freehold. It's your typical run-of-the-mill Japanese restaurant. Not bad but nothing special.

      1. I have eaten in their Aberdeen location. Mahzu is an average Sushi Restaurant.