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Jan 7, 2009 03:50 AM

Sushi in Roppongi

I'm going on my first trip to Tokyo on Sunday and I'm looking for somewhere for us to eat on the first night. It's a Sunday and we're staying in Roppongi so something local would be nice. I've seen very mixed reviews about Sukiyabashi Jiro in Roppongi so would people recommend it? I'm also aware it'd be at the top end of our price range so is it worth it or are there other sushi places nearby people would recommend?

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  1. You'll probably be jet-lagged and out of it the first night so I'd recommend waiting a few days before a big blow-out sushi meal.

    There is a relatively good kaiten-zushi restaurant in Roppongi Hills that is easy to get to, relaxed and with an english menu.
    If you're set on a super nice sushi meal though, this isn't the place. Pintokona is more of an upscale conveyor belt, maybe the best conveyor belt sushi shop I've been to. But, it is a conveyor belt sushi shop!

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    1. I'd sort of recommend Sushi Nao, which could be a good experience if you don't have a huge amount of experience with Tokyo sushi. It should cost half or less compared to Jiro, and the food quality is quite good. Close to the Oakwood, down the hill from the crossing going toward Akasaka. Link to my review here, incl map and phone number:
      I would guess he's closed on Sundays though.

      Squirrel kun is right though, it may not be the best thing to go for a blowout sushi on your first night (especially on a Sunday). Personally I would go to Sushi Zanmai (again, from the crossing, follow the elevated highway away from Roppongi Hills and toward Akasaka), which is really cheap and to me offers great value. The menu has pictures and English text, and it's in Roppongi, so they're sure to be accomodating of non-speakers.

      I also agree Pintokona is pretty upscale for kaiten. Remember you can also ask the chefs to make things for you fresh there, so you're not limited to what comes around. But I would go for Zanmai over that.

      There's another sushi place that's decent looking and probably open on Sundays, a step up from Zanmai, which is on Gaien Higashi Dori, going north from the crossing, on the left (this is the direction you'd go for Tokyo Midtown). I haven't been there though.

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        I must say, if you haven't been to Japan before, that you'll find the Pintokona experience shares about as much in common with the average US "conveyor belt sushi" restaurant, as the best of anything else in Japan has in common with the American imitation of the same thing.

      2. You can try Zouroku sushi, which is right around the corner from the Motown bar. You have to pass through the Nigerian checkpoints, which is kind of annoying, but the Zouroku is pretty good and not "scary" at all. Big place, lots of counters, menu with pictures. Not the mega-excellence you may want to wait for, but certainly many notches above kaitensushi or sushizanmai. Not cheap, though, although not Jiro-level, be prepared to pay multiples of what you'd pay at sushizanmai. But worth the spread.

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        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          Just checked. You're SOL. Not open on Sundays:

          The good sushi places don't open on Sunday. I'm surprised Sukiyabashi Jiro is open Sunday, wonder how he manages to get fresh fish on a Sunday.

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            When is the best date to go to Sushi restaurant then?

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              Weekdays is best, except on certain Wednesdays when the fish market is closed. As for the time of the year, I think fall/winter is the best, with certain fish only available during that time, and the biggest tastiest selection.

        2. i take it you live in silverlake, la.
          so do i. :)
          i am staying now at the grand hyatt in roppongi.
          you're prob feel delerious when you land...something fun and and relaxing is a good bet. there are tons of fun, not expensive restaurants in hollywood 'hat' and west walk of roppongi hills...
          if you are waking up at the crack of dawn like we did, save your sushi appetite for the fish market and go in the morning. will be the freshest sushi you have ever had. we were blown away.