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Jan 6, 2009 11:59 PM

Best Breakfast in Stowe - Gables Inn

Ski season is here, so I thought I'd share this. Might be general knowledge, but it took me a while to figure out.

Truly excellent, creative, homemade breakfasts that are served to all comers, not just overnight guests.

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  1. I have eaten at the Gables many times and have found the food to be just ok. Yes, homemade but I found it to be run of the mill fare. Haven't been in some time so maybe things have gotten better and I'm not being fair. McCarthy's does a good breakfast. Not as upscale as Gables but good food at reasonable prices. If your in the mood for pancakes, the Dutch pancake house is always good for that.

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      I agree with you on the Dutch Pancake House and somewhat on McCarthy's (though I used to like it, my last breakfast there last march was awful), but still prefer Gables Inn - think I ate their over 10 times last winter alone. I wouldn't call it upscale, personally - just simple food with interesting twists, done well.

      Its also a lot easier to sit down than McCarthy's, which always seems to have a line.

      The chef/owners did switch at Gables 5? years ago, wouldn't say it was that recent, but there was a switch.

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        After all the hype, we tried the Dutch Pancake Cafe, but were a little disappointed. While I liked, but did not love the crepe like pancake (I ordered mine with eggs, cheese, and sausage!), my child said that he preferred my homemade from scratch chocolate chip pancakes over the Dutch Pancake Cafe's. My husband liked his banana walnut variety, but could not finish it. None of us were able to finish it. It is best attacked like a crepe, rolling up the pancake, then cutting the roll into segments. I think we'll try McCarthy's next time for a more traditional breakfast.

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          Actually, it changed ownership in 1999 according to their menu. I was there on March 16, 2010 for breakfast and for the price, incl tip it was $28.00. We had an omellete, Eggs Benedict with ham and Coffee and the "famous coffee cake". I would NEVER go back. It was extremely cold inside, must be saving on the heating bills for the vacant dining room except for the 2 of us. The empty parking lot should have been a sign but b/c of reviews we went and dined. I was extremely diappointed. Service was good, but food was just ok. Maybe b/c in MI we have the Original House of Pancakes which serves all breakfast foods and blows this place away. For the price I will go back to The Whip. But if your stubborn and need to decide for yourself, "I told u so".

      2. Well-said BostonCharles!
        We ate there several times last season and ,like you said,the breakfasts are awesome.
        Don't know when you were there last xecuchef but I've never had a bad breakfast at The Gables Inn yet.
        McCarthy's does also do a good,reasonably-priced,breakfast.
        I'll give the Dutch Pancake House a try this season.

        1. Calling the Dutch Pancake House products pancakes, is like calling BMW's basic transportation. You should try it sometime just to describe the menu to your friends. For cheap, filling meals, Jamies on Main is a small friendly breakfast/lunch bar with communal seating within the Depot building arcade (next to the Green Mountain Inn). It has very good omelets, sandwiches, soups and salads as well as enticing pastries.

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            Everyone should experience the Dutch Pancake at least once. My guess is the vast majority will return. Truly something for everyone. You will NOT need lunch after eating there !

            1. re: DonShirer

              Dutch pancakes are just that...DUTCH "pancakes". They can not be compared at all to american style pancakes. Apples and oranges. They are very thin and extra large, almost crepe like. Some sweet, some savory. One will really fill you up if you can even finish it. . I dont know the history of dutch pancakes but I would even assume that they aren't even called that in their homeland. It's a must try just to experience it even if they are not your cup of tea.

              1. re: xecuchef

                In Holland they are called "pannekoeken" and these are very close to the real thing. I really like the Dutch Pancake Cafe and REALLY like the Grey Fox Inn where the cafe is located,


                1. re: bewley

                  Thanks for providing the true name! I came across this place when I planned a last minute visit to stowe and could only find accommodations at the Grey Fox. They had a meal plan which included breakfast so I had my 4 day fill of "pannekoeken"! The room was fine, a bit outdated and dingy. We got a room with a jacuzzi and fireplace so that was a nice addition. I do have my favorite places that I stay when in stowe but in a pinch would chose the grey fox. Not sure I could eat the pancakes everyday though!