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Jan 6, 2009 10:40 PM

New Urban Eats (SEA)

Has anyone tried the New Urban Eats promotion yet? What are your thoughts? Any outstanding restaurants or dishes? I haven't tried any so far, but am hoping to make it to bin Vivant and Ama Ama.


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  1. Haven't tried any of the promotions yet, but a couple bits of info. The original chef of Bin Vivant, Lisa Nakamura, left recently, and the former chef de cuisine (from barking frog) has stepped up as head chef. They seem to be in somewhat of a transitional phase, but the original reviews (from when Lisa was in the building) I heard were that there are definitely some high points to be had, esp. the foie gras. I doubt it is included as part of the 3 for $30 though :).

    Also, as of Monday of this week, the sister restaurant of Betty in Queen Anne, Crow, also has a 3 for $30 menu being offered. I've eaten at both restaurants several times and prefer Crow, personally. Unfortunately my favorite entree was not part of the promotion -- the pan roasted chicken. It doesn't really need to be though, as it's priced at about $17!

    Would love to head about your experience at any of the restaurants participating in the New Urban Eats promotion. It's sad that many local restaurants are struggling and even closing these days, but I have to admit I love the great deals to be had with the promotions! Yummm.

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      Haven't gone yet this time around, but I had a wonderful meal at Trellis last year. The chef grows his own produce; perhaps he preserves it for winter use.

    2. We're going to try Enotria in Laurelhurst tonight. I've driven by a bunch on times on my way to Jak's but haven't ventured in yet. Will report back on our experience. There will be 4 of us so all the better to try lots of menu items.

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        Be warned: Enotria's menu posted online isn't what they're actually offering. Those hoping for foie gras filled duck meatballs will be disappointed.

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          Hey! I was at Enotria last night as well. Here's the menu (lisaf please correct me if I'm wrong or missing anything)

          Green salad
          Celeriac soup (very thick, more of a puree)
          Pizza with lots of stuff on it (sorry I can't be more specific but it was delicious)

          Chicken saltimbocca (good but not mind blowing)
          Seared scallops (2 large) with braised octopus (yum) and beans (salty) small portion
          Risotto with lamb sausage

          Tiramisu (dry and not very good)
          Maple walnut gelato (mind blowingly good)
          Apple crostata (sold out)
          Chocolate cake with cherries and chocolate gelato (fantastic!)

          Most of my group ordered off the Urban Eats menu, but I decided to order off the regular menu and got the celeriac soup, a really good N.Y. strip steak, and a pear tart with the maple gelato which came to a very reasonable $37.

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            That sounds about right. The green salad had a bit of fried goat cheese on it and poached grapes.

            Two of us did the Urban Eats both with the salad and the scallops. The scallops were quite large and came on a bed of garbanzos with some greens (I think it was kale).

            The other two ordered off the regular menu and got the risotto, a different salad, the strip steak which had a gorgonzola sauce and came with roasted potatoes, and monk fish. All of the food was tasty and I found the portions large.

            For our two dessert we ordered the flourless chocolate cake and the tiramisu. I couldn't eat either of them, but both were enjoyed. They did not have a non-dairy dessert option available, so I gave my tiramisu to my husband.

            With a bottle of wine and a glass our total came to $160.

        2. Last Friday we headed over to Mercer Island for an evening at Cellar 46. I frequent them during their happy hour so I wanted to see what they could do for dinner.

          Long and short of it was that I was impressed. They were runnning the Program on Friday and Saturday as well which is great. They also added a course so it is 4 courses for $30.00 Our entire group also opted for the wine pairing for $15.00 and it was a great value given the sizes of their pours.

          Highly recommended.

          Jim Camp