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Jan 6, 2009 08:09 PM

suggestions for a dinner in the west end..mississauga or port credit

We are meeting friends from Hamilton for a dinner mid way between our homes and would appreciate recommendations for an upscale dining experience in the mississauga to port credit vicinity. Open to suggestions of all types of food, but would like high quality with price under $50 per person for appetzer and entree...please tell me I am not dreaming??

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  1. Perhaps Via Allegro (Italian) in Etobicoke (across from Sherway Gardens), it's very close to Mississauga/Port Credit (maybe a 10 minute drive). Excellent duck confit risotto with foie gras, great steaks, things you don't see all the time (horse carpaccio), an insane wine list (like a telephone book), as well as a very large whiskey list.

    You might want to avoid some "upscale dining" places in Port Credit (Ten, Lago Shore, Aielli), as I haven't found them to be very good. Aielli was recently renovated, and I haven't been in about a year (wasn't really that impressed with my first experience there), so maybe something has changed there. Lago Shore was underwhelming, with slow, but nice service, even though we were the only ones there at the time. Colossus in Port Credit is a nice Greek restaurant, but it's not upscale dining. Il Pescatore in Port Credit could fit the bill, I think, but I've never been, so I can't say whether it's good or not. You could also try Breakwater; I've heard good things, but in my experience (lunch only) the food hasn't been that impressive.

    Please report back with where you went and how it was!

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      Via Allegro is certainly upscale and high quality, but I suggest checking their menu on line before committing to them as they can be very, very expensive at dinner.
      Rogue's in the Sherwood Forest Plaza just East of Erin Mills Pkwy on Dundas Street might be OK for you. It is not as reliable as it used to be. They recently added too many tables, reduced portion sizes, and increased prices which spoiled one of Mississauga's best spots.
      Considering your expectations, I suggest you consider Trattoria Timone next to the AMC movie complex at Winston Churchill and the QEW. It's a chef-owned and operated restaurant that is fairly consistent. His mother does the baking each morning so there's always good fresh rolls and desserts. It's certainly not "Splendido" fine dining and is acoustically bright, but the meals are generally competently prepared and served. The only item I've had there that I didn't enjoy was the Calf's Liver, which I suspect was from a very mature uncalf-like animal or just about at it's best-before date.
      Let us know about your experience as Mississauga has become a culinary challenge to find consistently satisfying experiences lately.

      1. re: iamafoodie

        I don't think Via Allegro has an online menu, but it can be either pricey or relatively inexpensive depending on what you order. Appetizers are around $13 up, I think, and mains start at $18, with most from $25-40. If you're looking to get foie gras, steaks, etc., you're obviously going to pay more. They usually serve a few different breads (a sort of "pizza bread" style one, a focaccia and an Italian white, along with a hummus/tapenade, and after the bread and a main, I'm usually full.

        We ordered an appetizer and two mains, ate way too much, and paid $100 after tax and tip for two (not including wine). If you aren't ordering the items that are obviously going to be more expensive, you can easily get out for under $50 a person with an app and main.

    2. I think you should just skip Port Credit and continue on to Oakville. My vote would be Olivers

      1. Go to Blacktree in Burlington.
        One of the finest meals I had in 2008.
        Unfortunately their website is one of the worst I've ever seen (if you can find a way to turn off the music - let me know). I'll provide a link - but please don't judge the food by the website! The location is also a bit difficult to find - in the extreme NE corner of the plaza on the NE corner of Guelph Line & New Street (no map sites can find it either!).

        NOTE: The Chowhound link to this place didn't populate - hence my more detailed directions