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Jan 6, 2009 08:08 PM

Cooking Class/Dinner in or around Hartford

Hey everyone! My girlfriend really wants the two of us to do a cooking class with dinner, and I would like to set something up for her as a present.

I am looking for something smaller (2-10 people), one time, and hands on. Doesn't really matter which part of CT it is in, though we are in Hartford so nearer is better. Ideal, it would be something small in a restaurant with just the two of us or a few other people with a chef where we could either cook our own food for dinner or have a hands on lesson then be able to sit for dinner (my dream would be to find a restaurant or chef that would be willing to let the two of us come back into the kitchen, help us cook something, then let us eat it). I'm very flexible though. If anyone knows of something like this, or can recommend a site/group that does good hands on cooking lessons, I'd greatly appreciate hearing out it.

Thanks all!

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  1. Try the Farmington gourmet in Farmington. Their schedule does not appear to be up to date, but you can call them. I bet they would do a private group lesson if you asked.

    1. Sur la Table in Canton has a wide variety of hands-on classes. maybe not the atmosphere you're looking for, but could be fun.

      1. You may want to give "Cuisine with Jill" a call in Torrington. It's in a large restored Victorian house. They do private parties, cooking classes, wine dinners etc. They may flexible enough where they would accomodate just the two of you.

        1. If you know anyone who is a member of The Hartford Club, they do cooking class once a month. It is not 2-10 people, it is about 50 people, but the chef (Leo Bushey, who opened Acqua in Vernon to much acclaim) does cook right in the room and the price ($50 pp?) does include wine. But you have to be a guest of a member to attend.

          In this economy, for the right price, I bet there are restaurants who would come to your house and cook!

          1. Middletown Adult Ed has a ton of dinner and cooking classes
            I beleive they are online
            One of the calsses is with Brian of Orourkes Diner -
            he started them a while ago and people seem to love them
            and groups are small -