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Jan 6, 2009 07:38 PM

Favorite place to eat at Mohegan or Foxwoods?

Where is your favorite place to eat at the casinos and why? Where is a good place to get something if you're by yourself without looking and feeling awkward?

I think the best chicken I had was at Stadium Bar and Grill in Foxwoods..

I grabbed a slice of pizza at Genos Food Court in Mohegan..needless to say that was blah.

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  1. I like the Festival Buffet at Foxwoods, they have a good selection of decent quality food. I've also like to Cedar's at Foxwood's. My steak was cooked just the way I ordered it. and the service was good.
    At Mohegan I like Big Bubbas BBQ. The atmosphere is enjoyable and the pulled pork I had was good.

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      I like Big Bubbas BBQ, too. I am a fool for their cornbread (sometimes I just get an order of it to go!). I wouldn't be shy about sitting at the bar and having a bite to eat alone.

      Last time I was at Mohegan, we went to Sol Toro. Have been dying to go back. Excellent margaritas and we had and assortment of very tasty tacos with different fillings. Yum!

    2. You can sit at the bar a Summer Shack in Mohegan and feel right at home. The apps are much better than the entrees.

      1. I had the all you can eat special at Bubba's and the meat was dry and dissapointing. The buffets at both casinos are great. I usually just eat in the players club lounge to save cash, but have eaten at a number of the other places at MS. Jasper whites summer shack (particularly the clams casino) is great and so is Jordan's, but both are pricey.

        1. Anyone ever have a good pizza at the casinos? I know one place in Mohegan has a sign up claiming to have the best NY style pizza there. But then I'm not sure I like NY style anyway.

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            At Mohegan, you really can't go wrong. I've enjoyed Jaspers, Tuscany, Big Bubba's and now my new favorite, Margaritaville. Buffets are great and if youre by yourself, there's always Johnny Rockets counter service.

            Foxwoods casual, I like Juniors and for dining, LOVE David Burke's Prime. They do a great lunch special with filet mignon.

            As for pizza - just wait. Pepes is scheduled to open at the Sun later in the year.