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Jan 6, 2009 06:50 PM

Biff's for steak frites? Or not.

Has anyone eaten dinner at Biff's on Front St. lately. Is it worthwhile making a reservation or are there better places for steak frites.

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  1. I had lunch at Biff's in December. I cannot comment on the Steak Frites but I did have the Arctic Char which was O.K. nothing special. Do not order the vanilla crepes with berry compote for dessert--the crepes we were served were cold and rubbery. For steak frites beerbistro is an excellent choice.

    1. Wouldn't recommend their steak frites.

      Better option is at Le Select, best idea is Harbour 60 or Ruth's Chris for steak with a side of fries.

      I haven't been very happy with steak frites in Toronto outside of the steakhouses, with so many places falling down on the steak and the frites being disappointing at the few places where the meat is decent. Le Select's frites are a little too short and not that satisfying.

      Best steak frites I ever had was at a place on Sunset in LA (no idea the name, friends were showing me around and we went out later), served with an amazing cabernet reduction that gave a very beefy flavour to the frites and meshed so weel with the cab I was drinking and the beef.

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        Might want to try other steakhouses before you try Ruth's Chris though (ick). Depending how much you want to pay, Bymark has excellent frites and good steaks.

        1. Two places for good steak frites are the aforementioned Beer Bistro (which has the benefit of being quite close to Biff's geographically) and the $22 pre fixe version at Sidecar on College West--though I have to say the steak and frites themselves were pretty much the only thing I liked about my visit to Sidecar.

          Beer Bistro
          18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

          577 College St., Toronto, ON M6G 1B2, CA

          1. I celebrated an anniversary at Biff's last night. The ambiance was great. They had made note of the occasion from my reservation, and we received a nice table in the corner. From there, our server brought us a complimentary glass of sparkling wine to toast us. Classy touch. I was on the fence between the filet mignon or the steak frites, (a $10 difference) and the server recommended the steak frites. She did not guide me wrong. My steak was cooked to perfection and the fries were fantastic. I would have liked a side of vegetables or some other minor accompaniment, but I have no complaints. I would return for another go with this dish. We also had mussels on the table (served with a side of frites), and they were fresh and delicious. Our server and the food made for a great evening. To the question of "Biff's for steak frites" I would say YES!

            1. Wheel of fortune.....where did you end up going? Since this was posted some months ago I am assuming you had your steakfrites somewhere.
              I have eaten at Biff's several times, before a show ( when the Sony theatre was open)and always happy. I agree with pk finn, the mussels were delicious! The date sticky pudding dessert is YUM!