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Jan 6, 2009 05:51 PM

What happened to Urbano?

We absolutely loved this place from it's original location to the McKinney Ave outpost. Was sad to read it had closed and then see the notice on the web page regarding it's closing. Too bad. Anyone have insight to what caused it's closing.

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  1. Gone, gone, gone. They shut their doors. I posted a list of restaurants closings for 2008 and they were on the list, but for copyright reasons the Chowhound site took it down. Here's the link http:/

    Lots of closings for 2008! Loved Urbana's chopped salad with parmesan chicken breast. Darn!

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      1. re: jindomommy

        Noooooooo!!!! How could they close? It was a popular place.

        Where else will I go for my Med Salad with parmesan chicken?? The pasta with chicken was always wonderful!

        1. re: FoodChic

          That was a good salad. They were always busy. Don't know what happened. Hope they are just relocating.

      2. HIp Hip Hooray Urbano is reopening with smiles on their faces in May. In East Dallas. Can't wait!! Probably will be much easier to park as their is no chipotle right around the corner!

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        1. re: giada

          They are opening in between Jimmy's Food Store and Spiceman's 1410 on Bryan and Fitzhugh. Urbano Cafe

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Awesome! But, I kind of worry about the location. Alessio's had a similar location (in fact, it might be the same spot). I hope they are able to generate a good crowd. I love their salads!

            1. re: jindomommy

              Alessios was around the corner behind the Vietnamese market. Actually Alessios took over the old Da Lat space which was the best Vietnamese in the area it even beat Vietnam.

              I think they will do gang busters over there since they will probably rely on meats from Jimmys and veggies/fruit from Tom Spicer. They are nestled right next to Tom Spicer.

              I might actually try them out now b/c I never went to Uptown for sandwiches besides when I worked in Preston Center I went to Antone's on Harry Hines.

              1. re: jindomommy

                I'll make a point to visit them there....I'm with you jindomommy, I miss the salads.