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Jan 6, 2009 05:43 PM

Where to buy fresh gooseberries near Norwalk?

Does anyone know where I can purchased fresh gooseberries. I live near in Norwalk, CT but would be willing to drive to White Plains, New Haven or anywhere in between to get some. I've only seen gooseberries in Europe and most recently in Canad. They are orange in color, a bit smaller than cherry tomatoes and come wrapped in a beige-colored papery outer shell. They are simply delicious. If anyone knows where I can get them, I'd appreciate the tip. I've already tried Trader Joe's & Whole Foods but they don't carry them. Thank you.

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  1. Have you tried Balducci's in Westport?

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    1. FYI, I think what you are asking about are called cape gooseberries, which is a totally different fruit from the traditional gooseberry that goes for example in gooseberry jam. Those are usually a translucent green that can turn into a purplish red and do not have a papery shell.

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        rjka, thanks for that enlightenment, you're right I'm looking for cape gooseberries. I've only had them in Germany where they are called physalis or something and then in France where they're known as cerise de terre. I've never seen them in the US so the translation I received was gooseberries.

      2. Stew Leonards carries them, but I think it is very seasonal. I suggest you call and ask the produce buyer.

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          Tried Stew's. They said that they don't carry them either. I guess I must resign myself to eating them again when I'm out of the US. Thanks for your suggestions.

        2. I am pretty sure I had these cape gooseberries this summer as part of my csa (community sponsered agriculture) share from Halsey;s Green Thumb in Watermill, NY (Eastern Long Island). They have a website and their phone is (631)-726-1900 if you want to check with them. The berries were great, by the way.

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            Try Greenwich Produce in Vista, NY just over the border from New Canaan off route 123. 914-533-1000

          2. i think those are also called "ground cherries." you can find them in the summer in the greenmarkets in manhattan for sure. i got mine last summer from a farm on li called biophilia, which does have a csa. but, do ask for them as ground cherries or cape gooseberries.....plain gooseberries will give you the small, translucent tart fruits related to currants!