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Jan 6, 2009 05:43 PM

Mid afternoon treats?

We are coming in for a whirlwind 5 days of everything NYC has to offer. I know come 3 or 4pm a few of us - ok me- will need a little snack, sweet and savory take away + some coffee to tide us over until our late dinner reservations. We will be in the Battery area, Midtown East, Soho/Tribeca, and Union Square. City Bakery (worth it?) and Cupcake Cafe are on our list, anything else that is a must for an afternoon pick me up.

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  1. City Bakery is definitely worth it. My favorite hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies in the city. Mid-afternoon shouldn't bee too bad.

    1. Go to Grand Daisy Bakery try their pizzas , very different. Ceci Cela in Soho for pastry and coffee , 12 chairs for falaffel and hummous or other light lunches. Boulez bakery has some good things, char shu bao in chinatown maybe at chatham sq.... Coffee and a ceci cela ham and cheese croissant at Pecan in Tribeca, dean and deluca in soho for quick treats ,,,, chocolate by the baldman on 2nd ave LES, a knish and hot dog at katz's,,,, a piece of amazing cheesecake at Eileen's on kenmare st.,,, italian pastry and coffee at veniero's on 11th st,,,, or old fashioned cafe roma in little italy,,,,, Soba at Sobaya on 9th st,, or japanese teahouse across the street ,,,, pork bun at momafuko's ,,,, oysters at Pastis and a drink,,,,, soup at columbine on w. bway tribeca.

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        Do not go to Chocolate by the Bald Man / Max Brenner! It's novelty chocolate. There are far better options in town.

        1. re: kathryn

          We did that last trip. You are right, much better options. Thanks for reminding me!

      2. how's the meat pie at Tuck Shop e.village? a worthy snack ?

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        1. re: debvil

          i found the meat pies to be enjoyable. scratch cupcake cafe off of your list-it sucks, imho. beard papa makes a great cream puff.

          1. re: ChileRelleno

            Beard Papa is usually my last stop OUT of NYC w/a dozen to take back home :)

            Cupcakes just aren't my bag. Anything else snacky in the area? I'm not impressed by PommeFrite nor Crif Dogs - the rice balls would be a new thing for me..or octopus balls.

            I'll do chinatown snacks early (soup dumplings, & a bahn Mi) then stroll up to the east village northbound for late lunchy snacks. Any advice is appreciated - this would be on a Sunday.

            1. re: debvil

              Get your banh mi at Saigon Banh Mi on Mott. Travel up to Grand Street and turn for cheong fun at a vendor or some Prosperity dumplings on Eldridge. Turn left on Allen and proceed to Tuck Shop, Russ and Daughters etc.

              1. re: debvil

                For EV snacks...maybe a square slice at Artichoke if the line isn't insane? Cafe Zaiya might be worth a stop, as would be Momofuku Milk Bar, Chikalicious Dessert Club (cupcakes, cookies, soft serve), Abraco (amazing olive oil shortbread), Birdbath (great cookies, muffins, scones), Chocolate Bar (some unique chocolate bars to take home like a pretzel bar). And the new chocolate shop, Bond St (which is oddly located on East 4th) may be open by then.

                There's some more snacky options on my EV favorites list:

                1. re: kathryn

                  Kathryn what a great list!!!

                  You could publish that as a carry around fact sheet.

                  Thanks - we're heading in this weekend and will chow though a bunch.

            2. re: debvil

              They're good for what they are. I'm a bigger fan of pork pies, the type you can only get at Myer's of Keswick or Tea & Sympathy in the W. Village.

            3. I personally enjoy my buttercup bakeshop red velvet cupcakes (only).
              973 Second Avenue
              I would also go to OMS/b Rice Ball Cafe. INCREDIBLE!
              156 E 45th

              1. what about an arepa from caracas arepas bar in the east village? or one of those fantastic bomboloni from sullivan street bakery? they are seriously little pillows of heaven. nice, rich crunch on the outside, tender yet substantial dough on the inside, and filled with either custard or jelly.

                the froyo place on 3rd avenue between 13th and 14th, daydream, is really delicious and the owner makes the toppings herself. they're handmade and gourmet and delicious with crunchy toppings, fruity toppings, weird toppings, different powders to mix in or sprinkle on top (green tea, raspberry, etc.) and also a 7 spice honey.