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Jan 6, 2009 05:01 PM

Inexpensive Indian Recommendations

I'm a student who will be visiting London next week. I love Indian food, so I'm looking for good restaurants with entrees under 15 pounds or so. I've done a lot of sifting through old threads and it seems like a lot of the recommended places within my price range (like Tayyabs) focus on grilled meats, which I'm not very interested in.

Where would you direct someone on a budget who is more interested in curries? I admit that I value bold flavors more than authenticity, if that will broaden the pool of choices. Also, I'd prefer to steer clear of Pakistani, because it's usually too oily for me.

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  1. I wholeheartedly recommend Hot Stuff on Wilcox Rd. in Vauxhall, a long-standing favourite which fits your description

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      Second Hot Stuff - great and inexpensive. Be aware it is a tiny place though if you are eating in.


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        I think I'll check out Hot Stuff after my visit to the Tate Britain. Do you think I'll need a reservation for 1?

        1. re: Humbucker

          Not if you get there early. Not sure they even take reservations actually!

    2. You might like this place... very centrally located. Most entrees, even where I live, are about £8-£9 and not much more. You should do fine.

      1. I'm guessing you won't want to be trekking to places like East Ham or Southall, so you might consider Zayna on New Quebec Street W1 (near Marble Arch tube, Oxford St, etc).

        They do some good lunchtime offers - all for under £15 per head.

        1. If you want the best traditional english ruby then check out the greedy buddha, wandsworth bridge road.

          They're Nepalis doing anglo Indian stuff to a really high standard. V. popular with the locals. Good cooking, and really good quality meat and ingredients.. If you go _in_ before 7.30 you get 25% off the bill, (curry, sidedishes + 3/4 beers comes to £20 with this) so obv getting there at 7.25 is ideal ;-) They sometimes have live jazz

          1. Thattukada in East Ham for Keralan is an easy pick. A quick search will turn up loads. Also, across the street from there is Vasanta Bhavan. You've also got Gram Bangla on Brick Lane which is mostly fish, but has other items too. All three aren't too greasy and none of them emphasize grilled meat (Vasanta Bhavan is 100% veg.) East Ham is not a trek. It's like 30 mins on the District Line from Central. It takes me nearly 3 times as long to get to school every morning for a 9:00am class.