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boston dinner with 10 teenagers

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My 16 year-old daughter wants to take ten of her nearest and dearest to Boston for dinner. (Aren't I the Mother-of-the-Year?!) They are pretty sophisticated eaters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Sophisticated eaters maybe, but still teenagers... I'd do the Cheesecake Factory at the Pru

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      No, they eat lunch there all the time -- way too pedestrian! They want to dress up and be cool for the night....

      Thanks for trying, though!

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        I'd say that part of it depends on what you want to spend. If you're keeping it reasonable, and want a cool vibe, you could try Silvertone's. If you want something a bit grander and "fun", with a French bistro vibe, I'd recommend Brasserie Joe.

    2. invite some more people and rent out the Lava Lounge at East Coast Grill


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        No need to "rent [it] out." You can reserve a table in the Lava Lounge for free! (I've done so with groups of around 12 on several occasions.) Great suggestion.

      2. I'd recommend Houston's - fun vibe, good but not daring food, nice part of town for teens.

        1. why not great tapas at Dali in Somerville - love that place, they'll get a kick out of the decor. Also, something different would be Tangerino (charlestown) for belly dancing and dinner. One of my favorite dinners in Boston was at Sibling Rivelry - very kewl menu and upbeat place. Have fun.

          1. Eastern Standard might work. Though if they are somewhat sophisticated, you might want to give Bina a try, It is a very cool space (they have a small provate room/space as well), trendy music and good food. Chic crowd as well.

            1. Sticks is good as well.. a little of fun food on skewers and I think they have a private room you can reserve. The Elephant Walk has great French Cambodian food and the one on Beacon st has a back room you can use for 10 people.

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                Thanks for the help -- she really thought Stix looked cool!

              2. My 16 year-old daughter recently went to Fire & Ice with a group of girls. They all very much enjoyed it.

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                  Duck and cover!! Here comes the dumping on Fire and Ice! Well deserved IMHO
                  The other choices are good, love ECG and ESK. How 'bout Cuchi Cuchi?

                2. I second the previous suggestion of East Coast Grill. If Kenmore Sq. seems too far out of town, Banq in the South End has a great space and sophisticated food.

                  1. I was having lunch at the original Sel de la Terre some time ago and there was a large group of teenagers lunching in the private space. It turned out that they were a French class on a field trip and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. The new Sel de la Terre also has a small private room. The food is great and the atmosphere is very sophisticated if that is what your daughter is looking for.