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Jan 6, 2009 04:15 PM

Looking for recs for February Weekend

I will be accompaning my Mother on a weekend to meet 2 old friends in San Francisco. We will be in town for 3 nights (fri-sun) and will be staying at the St Regis. Looking for a hip beautiful restaurant for 1 evening, maybe a great China Town spot for another....and then a great spot with great food somewhere in wine country. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. You want SF funky try Le Central on Bush. You want something different and glitzy though not necessarily the best food go to Fog City Diner. Where in the wine country. If you are going to Sonoma I still like the Kenwood Inn in Kenwood.

    1. Although I may catch flack for this I think you should try a dim sum breakfast or brunch at City View. It never catches a lot of rave reviews except from the people who I have sent their that tell me it's the best they've ever had. It's on Commercial Street on the fringe of Chinatown.

      1. That is almost like asking to recommend a restaurant in Wine Country in France. Do you have a town or area that you are planning to visit? If I could pick only one restaurant it would be Ubuntu in the city of Napa.

        For Chinatown Jai Yun

        Or on the edge of Chinatown, The House (Asian fusion)

        You didn't ask, but stopping by the Saturday morning Ferry Plaza farmers market is something to consider for a food extravaganza.

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          Sorry...I'll clarify. I am looking for an elegant restaurant in SF and as far as wine county goes, we wont have a lot of time to tour so driving straight to the restaurant so it doesnt matter where it is located. I am looking for a warm atmosphere in a chef driven room. I was thinking Ad Hoc or Bouchon....and suggestions?

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            I saw your Paris report and based on that I think Redd might be the best choice in Wine Country. I haven't been but it gets so many favorable reports with people preferring it to French Laundry. Here's the link to the place record with website and Chowhound reports

            If you can work in Ubuntu for lunch, I think you would find it very interesting.

            In SF I'd say either The Dining Room at the Ritz Carleton or COI. The word 'hip' threw me off. Neither would fall in that category. If you are more adventurours, Coi. I haven't been there yet, but The Dining Room has been one of my favorite top scale places.

            Whatever you choose, hope you report back.