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Jan 6, 2009 03:23 PM

Group Dinner Rec in Las Vegas?

Traveling with a large group to Vegas - would really appreciate any advice...Lots of criteria, so I hope this makes it easier for all y'all to do that voodoo that you do so well:

* 15 people
* 6 couples, 3 singles
* Alcohol - combo of Bud Light and Sauvignon Blanc drinkers
* Cost - inexpensive (Friday) to moderate (Saturday)
* Location - Strip (staying @ Paris)
* Food - any type is fine, but not too heavy - 'older' crowd that we can't let suffer from food coma :-)...and don't want to spend 2 hours eating

I know - inexpensive and Strip are mutually exclusive, but I'm organizing a fickle group here with very different price points....we meet in Vegas every 2 years - last time I went with Battista's (groan - does that get me banned from Chowhound?), to go with the fun angle - that didn't go over as well b/c the food know.

Can't be too "guys-ie" (i.e., brewpub), but also not too chi-chi (i.e., french) :-)

Ugh - I want to shoot myself.

Friday night - more casual (Mexican, tapas? Dunno?)
Saturday night - can go a little nicer (????)

Any ideas? Help!

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  1. The problem with the words "inexpensive" and "moderate" is that they depend so much on where you live. For instance, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris might be expensive, not moderate, but I still think it could be a great choice for your Saturday dinner. You'll probably get more responses if you give more specific price points.

    1. DebbieW,
      Thanks for the feedback - I was wondering why I wasn't getting any responses - I wanted to be as specific as possible so it would be easier to respond - perhaps not?

      I'm guessing that for Saturday, $50pp would be good, and for Friday, $25pp would be good - for FOOD ONLY. With alcohol, I think we'd be thinking $80-100pp on Saturday and $50pp on Friday. Does that help?

      Anyone? Bueller?

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      1. re: igglesfan

        I'd look at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for your casual meal; its in the Fashion Show Mall and is tapas. Generally very good and should be in your price range. Another thought would be Burger Bar in the Mandalay Place. You might also consider a coffee shop....sometimes they have quite good food at more moderate prices.

        I'd agree with MAG for Saturday night. I think that you can come in at the price you mentioned, and it does generally satisfy most people. If you are still jonesing for family style italian after the battista's thing, you could consider Maggiano's, also at the Fashion Show.

        If you are willing to venture off the strip, I'd recommend Todd's in Green Valley for Saturday, and somewhere in Chinatown for Friday.....

        1. re: lvnvflyer

          Border Grill at the Mandalay is good and you could definitely get out of there for 50.00 a person. I have issues with the Burger Bar which I will keep to myself because I get slammed everytime I mention them ..but suffice it to say it wouldnt be my choice.

          1. re: Justjenn

            I won't slam you - I promise! Really, I would be interested in your opinion (as I have been to BLT and Burger Brasserie, but not there).