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Jan 6, 2009 03:04 PM

Scottsdale/Phoenix Great dinners

8-10 of us will be visiting for the Rock and Roll half marathon on a Running junket from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We all love good food & a fun atmosphere. For Saturday night there must be pasta for the pre race carbo loading. For sunday night a good celebratory meal! What can you suggest to round out what will be a memorable trip?

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  1. Hi Jelly Belly,

    Where are you all staying, and will you have a rental car? Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe is very spread out, so it helps to know if geography is an issue.

    Also - do you have any price point concerns, or is price not an issue?

    In general, for pasta, I would say Marcellino or La Locanda are my personal favorites. Caffe Boa (on Mill Ave in Tempe) also has fantastic pasta choices and it's a great restaurant overall. There are many other options, so let us know more of your preferences and we can narrow it down.

    For celebratory dinner on Sunday, what type of food are you all looking for? And scene? And price? That will help us help you!

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      We will be staying at the Scottsdale oldtown Marriott. The plan is to have a rental car and price is not an issue although we all love good food at a reasonable price. Have done the fine dining at great expense and must say prefer good food and ambience at reasonable prices. For instance, last year we went to Tucson and really enjoyed Cafe poca casa and North.

      For Sunday night, a good hearty pig out meal is not out of the question. Steak or someplace with real southwestern cuisine would be perfect.

      Thanks for your suggestions!

    2. Hey Jelly! I have been on the boards the last few days gathering info for the same weekend and trip! Let's go runners! We are coming down from San Francisco. Anyway, I have decided on Marcellino for pasta the nite before - on line their menu sounds great and I just haven't read a bad thing about them yet. Other recommendations for the night after have included Cowboy Ciao, Prado, Binkley's, House of Tricks, Quiessence, Noca, Kai, Coupe des Tartes, Barrio Cafe, Rancho Pinot Grill and Chelsea's. I looked at websites for each and have settled on NOCA, though I was torn between Cowboy Ciao and Barrio Cafe as well. For after dinner reveling, I was guided to by the Hounds the following bars: Elements, Digestif, Metro and the bar at Cowboy Ciao. Except for Elements which is in Paradise Valley, the others are in Scottsdale. I don't have links to all of these, but I was able to find them all easily on line. Best of luck to you all in your run!

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      1. re: Kmcgee

        hi there,

        i absolutely love cowboy ciao, i do. and they have great drinks, but it's more of a restaurant with great booze ;) not that there's anything wrong with that. but i'd recommend kaz bar, same owners, live music, more of a great wine bar *with cocktails* and good food as opposed to the other way around. don't get me wrong because i love cowboy ciao. i just think if you're looking for some atmosphere kaz bar would be way better. plus its right around the corner ;)