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Jan 6, 2009 02:53 PM

BAM-----we need a restaurant for after theater

We have tix for BAM on 1/16 and want to go after the show---as it is too rushed before. Where can we go and if we want to go over to Williamsburg after---is it very far??? what about SAUL in Caroll Gardens??-very far?

what are some great thoughts for dining in BAM area or a little beyond?

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  1. there is another thread about dining around BAM active right now. You should look at that re some nearby options.

    Williamsburg is not walkable but the G train stops just a block or two from BAM and goes to W-Burg. Saul is probably at least a 15 min walk away, and I dont know what the taxi situation is these days after a show a BAM.

    1. Williamsburg and Carroll Gardens are both not very close to BAM. You might consider Osteria Convivium on 5th Avenue -- it's a wonderful place. Most of the restos right around BAM are not that great. Two new ones are about to open up -- a Turkish and an Ethiopian one. Don't know of their opening dates, though. Epoca, an Italian bistroish place on Fulton Street up the hill from BAM is nice. Also, Taro Sushi, across Flatbush, is great.

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        I have to disagree about Epoca. My worst NYC dining experience EVER in that place and I hear they are trying to sell.

        Walk a little further up Fulton and to go No. 7 on Greene. FWIW - I'm now a regular because I live in the neighborhood - but the food is fantastic either way. Thoughtful wine list and nicely done specialty cocktails, too.

        Neighbors have steered me (far) away from Thomas Biesel.

        It's a little bit more of a walk, but you could consider James in Prospect Heights. Thoughtful menu, lots of seasonal focus on my last visit, but that was a couple months ago.

        I had a nice meal at Saul but the space feels pretty stuffy. Very different from No. 7 and James which are much more lively.

        In Williamsburg I would just go to Marlow & Sons. Had one of my best NYC meals there. Simple, well executed food.

      2. saul is really more cobble hill than carroll gardens (i.e. its only about 2 blocks up smith from atlantic.) it is very very good, and probably about a 15 minute walk from BAM. i think it could definitely be worth the walk.

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          you could also take the G across the street from BAM to the Bergen St. stop and be at Saul in about 5 mins. if you are pressed for time.

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            Thomas Biesel is a great spot right across the street.
            We had a graduation dinner for my nephew there last spring and the food & service are excellent. There was a post recently on this board.

          2. Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Park Slope is open really late on weekends.

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              Along Atlantic Avenue there are a few places.... Bacchus, Jolie and Downtown Atlantic. Bacchus is French and can be crowded. Downtown Atlantic is pretty mellow, large portions and good basic food (we really lile there burgers and desserts). I have only had appetizers and drinks at Jolie and it was pretty good as well.

            2. Thomas Beisl is decent. I love their smoked trout/horseraddish sauce crepe. Also servicable goulash, and Austrian pork dishes. Excellent espresso and good deserts.