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Jan 6, 2009 02:33 PM

Eating Itinerary - Needs Feedback, Suggestions!

Hey all- This is my first posting. I'm visiting New Orleans with my girlfriend, early Febuary. We used to live in the city, but moved about six months ago. Needless to say, this is a very nostalgiac trip and I'm already planning my meals. Here is a rough sketch. Someone tell me what you think? Open to any and all suggestions!

Day 1 : arrive 10:30 pm, order verti mart on the way from airport to hotel (shrimp po boy)
(has anyone had verti mart's roast beef po'boy by the way? Is it any good?)

Day 2: Lunch: Liuzza's by the Track
Dinner: Brigsten's

Day 3 (friday): Lunch: Cochon / or Bon Ton Café / or Mr. B's(?)
Dinner: Commander's Palace

Day 4: Lunch: Galatoire's
Dinner: K-Paul's

My biggest "ehh" is Galatoire's for lunch. I'm not sure it's worth it, and might be a little much for a lunch the same day as K-Pauls. I want to avoid the overkill factor, but still want a memorable eating experience. I've obviously scheduled late dinners for all days, as I'm planning full lunches and don't want to be full!

What do you think?


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  1. Galatoire's is very much worth it. However, switch your itinerary. Do the iconic Friday lunch at Galatoire's, wait in line, eat downstairs, stay for hours, include afternoon nap/sober-up time in your agenda, make the Commander's reservation for no earlier than 8-ish, and you will have the perfect Friday. Whenever I am there, I realize again that working on Friday afternoon is barbaric.

    1. I so wish I ever had a good time at Liuzza's For great mid-city, I always had a great meal at Mandina's on Canal and the 1 million dollar renovation made ti even better. Also, my last 2 meals at Mr B's have been outstanding and good to do against Commanders since the recipes are different among the different branches of the Brennan's clan. Also to note, I found an early crop of crawfish last week when I was back at Galley seafood in Metry.

      1. I much prefer Commander's for lunch (garden room, 25 cent martinis) and Herbsaint over Cochon( I only go to Herbsaint for dinner so I can't comment on lunch. Menus differ and experiene might too). You may want to give Rambla a try upon your arrival. They are open till 12-12:30 depending on the night. We have recently had several excellent meals at Emeril's. The Abita Rootbeer glazed Bacon (pork belly) salad is exceptional. The food has been much better than our last meals at K-Paul's. (I am a former non fan of Emeril's ). Gal's will give you the "only in NOLA " experience but not the best food. Have fun!

        1. have you thought about lunch at cuvee on thursday or friday? its a good way to skip the huge dinner price tag and still enjoy a lovely meal... As for K-pauls dont bother, same with commanders and galatoires, and with the recent dissapointments Liuzzas too... try some new stuff.. Heard of IRis in the french quarter? Amazing! Patois, Rambla ( my new fav, seriously the flan is to DIE for), Boucherie, and there are a few oldies but goodies too like Johnny's for po-boys! Honestly i love new orleans, its my heart and soul, but the "classics" are just not what they used to be and rely on their rep and name to wow customers, not great food and service...