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Jan 6, 2009 02:30 PM

Venue for 30-40 people walking distance from Pru

Hi. I am trying to find something nice but casual within walking distance from the Prudential area that could provide a nice area for 30 - 40 people who want to eat drink and talk to each other. I lived in Boston about 15 years ago, so I really need some help! I don't want it to be too noisy for chatting or too dive-ey but also not extremely pricey.

It does not need to be a private room but an area where a group can mingle if they want to before or after eating would be best.

I noticed MJ OConnor's but only online so looks/descriptions can deceive!

This would be on a Tuesday evening/night in late March if that affects the crowd/noise factor.

Any input or suggestions very welcomed!

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  1. Try the Legal Seafood in the Pru. Might have room for a crowd if you plan ahead.

    1. Summer Shack across from the Sheraton would be a good choice. Good food, relaxed. I've been to gatherings there before so I know they separate areas to accomodate groups.

      1. Top of the Hub might work. Might be too pricey. Charlies maybe?

        1. 30-40 people mingling need a private room. Even when a group of 15-20 arrive in an average bar/restaurant, it is a stretch to properly serve them when people are milling about, moving around in small groups. With a private room, you would be entitled to the expectation of the atmosphere not being too noisy. I would venture to guess that you may be able to negotiate yourselves into a higher-end place at less $$ these days, especially on a Tuesday. My advice is to ask a mid-higher priced place how much per person for a small salad/choice of pasta/and dessert. Ask about lower end wines and beer or a cash bar. I think you may be happily surprised.
          Sasso has a nice private room. I bet many restaurants will likely work with you within your budget because 30-40 people extra on a Tuesday in March is worth it to them right now.

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          1. re: naughtywaitress

            Thanks for the suggestions. I will be looking into them. As far as the private room, these are going to be 30-40 individuals.... there is no "budget" or organization sponsoring this. It is a "meet up" I guess is the best way to describe it. So just people ordering off of a menu. Of course I will get a reservation or heads up to whatever place we go. It could end up being just 20 people . I will call around and see if there is a workable arrangement. Thanks for the advice.

            1. re: prilbert

              With that number of people, they may ask to limit the menu to 3 app, mains, and dessert choices. Getting an "off the menu" order into the kitchen for 30-40 people all at once could mean they wouldn't be able to do anything else except that one party (depending on the size of the restaurant). I don't have any working knowledge of professional restaurant kitchens; just surmising here. Perhaps someone else could chime in on that aspect - if ordering off the menu would be doable on the kitchen's part.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                The last time we did this, the orders didnt go in all at once just table by table. All at once is not required. This is very casual so it won't be orchestrated.

                1. re: prilbert

                  Fair enough. It was just the first thought I had when I thought 30 people all in one party. :-)

          2. in addition to places already mentioned, easy walking distance are sibling rivalry, brasserie jo, davio's, smith & wollensky, & mccormick & schmicks's. mj's is basically a divey bar that sells food, i have no idea what it looks like on the web, though, lol.

            by all means call ahead, in this economy any place would kill for a group that size on a march tuesday. but please don't ask for 30 separate checks.