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Jan 6, 2009 02:22 PM

Vegetable Seeds

Where can one find a good source for vegetable seeds in Paris? I am especially interested in finding kale and chard seeds. I will be in the Marais from January 15-27, so I can get to a street market as well as a shop.

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  1. Uh, Castorama at Pigalle?

    1. Flower market on Isle de Cite has flower seeds and as l recall vegetable seeds as well. Do not mention at customs even if in pretty packages, they will be snapped up faster than white on rice.

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        I can testify to that. Customs will be looking for a certification of cleanliness or something like that. If not marked on the package as such the agent will confiscate them and inform you with great relish that they will be incinerated. I love the mange tout (snap pea), petit pois and haricot vert (which make great dilly beans!) seeds.

      2. I have found that buying seeds in Paris had no advantage over using a mailorder source such as Thompson and Morgan that carry European varieties. The retail price off the seed racks was the same or more than mail order, and the convenience factor was far less. I did find that the packaging in the stores was better, with far more information as there is no catalog description, of course. I bought the seeds at florist/plant stores.

        1. Merde! we just got back from Paris where I bought the most beautiful seeds, in sealed retail packets, and STUPIDLY I claimed them on my customs receipt. Taken away in the blink of an eye. Maybe they should stop Home Depot from selling invasive plants first. Anyway, good reason to go back! Paris in the springtime.. beyond words. If anyone know a good online source for french seeds, veggies and flowers, I would appreciate it. Merci!