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Restaurant Openings, 2009 (Toronto)

I've just moved here from Montreal, where the CH board has a thread with this title. I couldn't find it anywhere in Toronto. Apologies if I missed it. If I didn't, I'll ask: Does anyone know of any new Toronto restaurants set to open in the coming weeks and months? Thanks!

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  1. The only one that comes to mind is that a third location of Le Gourmand cafe is opening at Yonge and Eg.

    I'm interested in hearing about any dinner destinations set to open.

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      I'll be in the area this weekend so I may give a try. Will report back soon. PS I think they already opened, although it doesn't look so from outside.

    2. Simple Cafe just east of the beer store at Queen and Leslie opened just before christmas. Cute little place all white interior serves great organic fair trade coffe and all home made soups & sandwhiches.. with some homey desserts. Prices are good $4 for soup $6 for a build your own sandwhich...

      1. A new Milagro is set to open on Yonge north of Lawrence early this year. In the former Herbs space.

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          BLU on Yorkville right across from the fire hall is worth investigating.

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            I checked out their menu on someone elses recomendation and found it was very boring standard salad, steak, pasta place... why is it worth investigating?

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              any relation to blu (and then lub-another restaurant makeover and now closed) on church street?

              1. re: robgm

                Nope. But what a boring restaurant name. There was even a Blu Bistro in the Beach. Like all those Red restaurants a few years back.

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                  I believe the owner is Swedish or Finnish and Blu has two dots above the u, but my computer doesn't. Maybe it means something brilliant in one of those languages.

          2. given the current economic climate, i would hesitate to open anything in '09. they say it's only going to get worse....

            1. The shuttered Kubo Radio in Leslieville in supposed to become a pub, something the area sorely needs.

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                Patrick the owner of Starfish is opening an Irish pub on Queen east of leslie just east of the beer store in one of those old garage buildings..

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                  Ooooohhh now that's worth taking the Queen car in the wrong direction. OnDaGo, please post if you notice the Patrick's Irish pub getting close to opening. I'd be happy to christen it.

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                    No where close yet.. just the first dumpster load of trash going out the building... probably will be a spring thing.. they have a nice spot out front for a patio...

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                      Pretty much right in front of my house. I'm excited.

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                        I would prefer that location east of Leslie but that seems extremely ambitious (turning an auto garage into a pub) are you sure it isn't going to be where Kubo was? I read THAT's also becoming an irish pub called The Roy. I'd love to have some fresh oysters within walking distance, tho :)

                        1. re: thegory

                          Positive... auto garage is perfect, lots of open space high ceilings, rollup door for summer.. once you replace the stale oil smell with the stale beer smell it will be like a true pub!

                          And beside the area out front for a patio is PERFECT!

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                          that's great news...like thegory says below, great to have some fresh oysters in the area.

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                          Ha, Queen car in the wrong direction...I hate the Beach...

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                            Now that is a scoop, yes please keep us posted!!!

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                              on martiniboys.com I read kubo will be replace by "The Roy", which, I have to (somewhat sadly) assume is not actually named for Roy Anderson, who, despite his unfortunate habit of leaving his dates at hockey games, was actually a nice (if kind of boring) guy.ubo Radio, the Asian-themed pub in Leslieville (or is it the edge of Leslieville?), has closed; in its place we will soon have The Roy, which, I have to (somewhat sadly) assume is not actually named for Roy Anderson.- opening March 7

                              Meanwhile, also on martiniboys.com, in that garage you were speaking about, Patrick McMurray, champion Oyster shucker and owner of Starfish, has set his sights on that old auto body garage, and is toiling away to turn it into an authentic Irish local, called the Ceili Cottage.

                              Nice thread - I'm new to Leslieville, so the news is always a treat,

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                                Welcome to the hood... Check out the cafe beside where Patricks pub is going to be great people and great food...

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                              It will be called "the Cottage" and is opening in March... They will have an I rish Dance school in the back and a Bar / restaurant / Patio in the front... Food wise they say they will be serving "interesting, small plates of cured meats and fish, cheeses, organic vegetables, and just a few Oysters. Leaning towards Irish and Celtic thoughts on the menu, we will match that with 16 taps, nice wines, whiskeys galore, and proper cocktails."

                              They will also have live music...

                              I tried to post this as a new post on its own but it was deleted... why I do no know...

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                                and in the same vicinity, I see construction continuing at the site of the new Le Papillon on the Park on Eastern just west of Coxwell -

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                                  Thank you for the post, that VERY good to know!!

                          2. Does anyone know anything about Eggplant on Eglinton between Bathurst and Avenue Rd.? I just noticed signs in the windows of the recently closed Meron Grill that the new restaurant is "coming soon."

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                              I heard there is something new where Cfood was at yonge and eglinton -- bizzy's or something like that.... gastro somethingorother... location of death though

                              1. re: antifoodie

                                Dizzy's. There's another on Roncesvalles.

                                1. re: Dimbulb

                                  I miss when Dizzy's on Roncesvalles was called Tipsy McStagger's

                              2. re: Tatai

                                It is a second location for The Green Eggplant which is in the Beach on Queen St. W. Apparently it's 'upscale family dining'. I am believe its something like a scaled down version of the U.S. Cheesecake Factory chain but I haven't been to either location to confirm.

                              3. I notice there are building permits open for 107 King St. East for a new restaurant called "Origin Restaurant and Bar". This is a rather swanky historical building on the southeast corner of King E and Church, which used to house a high-end flower shop called Luc. Other than this tantalizing tidbit, I have no other information, but as the rents on this strip are quite high I'm optimistic this will be something worthwhile.

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                                  Origin is Claudio Aprille's new resto. I'm not sure if the menu will be molecular, like Colborne Lane, or if he is going in a new direction with this new venture.

                                  1. re: dragonflygrl

                                    Hi Gary, It's actually Asian "re-defining the raw bar". Aprile claims he wants to return to his roots. But the location sounds great. Martiniboys.com reviewed Aprile for a piece on Origin, and they write that the restaurant is in the works and will open June. Anyway, something to look forward to. I'm a huge fan of Aprile

                                2. "Union," on Ossington is set to open in the next few weeks. The website for Toronto Life has a blog written by the chef/owner,(Teo Paul) called "Opening Soon", that is following the progress.

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                                    Hey dragonflygrl -- any indication of where on Ossington this place will be?

                                  2. Rodneys Oyster house is opening a second location in the downtown core... .on Temperance St.
                                    I think its slated to open in Feb. Pretty sure it will focus on lunch and the after-work crowd.

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                                      That's FABULOUS news! Looking forward to visiting there for lunch and after work for some drinks and oysters!

                                      1. The Chefs' House (George Brown College's student restaurant) opened in Nov but then closed for more than a month over the holidays. It opens again Jan.19, apparently. For me this is a new opening since I didn't get there in their brief pre-holiday period!

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                                          Has anyone heard anything as far as where SCARAMOUCHE might be re-locating...I believe that their lease is only thru 2009...surely they must be seriously 'looking' at this point?

                                          1. re: pearlD

                                            When I was there in September, I was told they were moving to 400 Walmer Rd.

                                            1. re: foodyDudey

                                              My aunt lives at The Benvenuto... she seems to think that '400 Walmer' fell through. There is a decent size space at Dupont & Spadina where there used to be a Japanese Restaurant (it burned down) It is a reasonable size lot (after they demolish the building) that even has parking space in the back...probably too downscale a location for Scaramouche, but have often thought that a decent Restaurant could be fitted into that location...just a thought...

                                              1. re: pearlD

                                                I heard that they were asking something like $8 million for the new condos in the building which obviously wont fly in this market so the move has been put on hold for now.

                                        2. Walking around this afternoon I noticed a new place opening right next to MOCCA (Queen & Shaw) - I think it was called Creperie la Brehondaise? Something like that. The sign in the window promises 'flemish style crepes' and interestingly, they're looking to hire staff who speak french. Couldn't find any info online but I may have made a mess of the spelling...

                                          1. The Annex Live opened around the beginning of the year on Brunswick south of Bloor. Have tried two things from the spring menu and a brunch. Cornish hen very succulent and comes with an excellent risotto and they have a good steak with spectacular truffled mash potates. Currently running a prix fixe at $25 and all deserts are made in house. (chocolate brownie thing comes with a pistachio amaretto ice cream that is too die for) They also have a good brunch (particularly for the 'hood) with an "Annex Benedict" in a mustard hollandaise and rosemary pork loin instead of peameal (also no waiting in line to get in and the prices are reasonable compared to Harbord or some of the places on Bloor). Apparently there will be a patio or courtyard or something when it gets warm.

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                                              I'll second this reply. Walked by a couple of times and saw no one in there, didn't seem too great. But then me and my girlfriend got handed a flyer on the street from some comedy group performing there. We went on Monday and had a great time. Food was delicious, and the show, Impro a la Carte, I think they're there every Monday, was worth the price of the meal alone. We both almost choked from laughing at least once (learn Heimlich before you go). But I recommend it.

                                            2. word on jezebel, Ceili, Saint, Creperie... and more