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Jan 6, 2009 01:58 PM

Seeking Juicy Burger's in Southern NH

We are on the prowl for exceptional, juicy burgers in the Southern NH area. There has got to be some place around that makes the best burgers...hopefully with sauteed mushrooms and cheese, or perhaps even just a good ol plain burger. We don't mind chains, bars, dives, or even the occasional fancy place...as long as the burger is good..Any suggestions?

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  1. Close to Southern NH area is Fuddruckers in Methuen and North Andover, MA, and The Loft in North Andover. Both places do a good job with burgers and out of the two I would give the nod to The Loft because they serve beer.

    1. I've enjoyed the Loft as well but I keep hearing about the fantastic burgers in Derry at a country club, hmmmmmm Brookstone's Pub. It's on my to-go list, menu looks great but it's the burgers I've heard about.

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            Yes--you beat me to the punch! Wild Willy's

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              I like Wild Willy's a lot, but Rochester, NH isn't southern, NH....unless your from Effingham.

              1. re: Infomaniac

                that's funny, not many know there is an Effinghham (people think I'm swearing).