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Jan 6, 2009 01:26 PM

Best Saturday Lunch in Greenville SC

I have recieved emails from North Hampton Wines for sometime now. Last month my wife and I decided to stop in for lunch. They only do lunch on Saturdays. WOW!!!!!!! We have been there every Saturday since. Liz Manetta is the chef and evrything on the menue has been awesome. I think my wife and I will make this a part of our week from now on. There are only four things on the menu but it will change every week.

You can order wine by the glass or buy a bottle and have them open it at your table. THERE IS NO CORKAGE FEE before 6pm.

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  1. The no corkage is great! A nice half bottle of Conundrum (or the like) for $13 when a glass costs you $10 in a lot of places improves my attitude immensely.