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need birthday recs. for Sonoma/Healdsburg/Petaluma...

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we're coming north from LA in February and need help for a birthday dinner...we're not looking for upscale foodie destinations this time, but old-time joints that serve great drinks and maybe great steaks...the sort of place that's been around for years that locals go to, maybe? Any ideas?

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  1. One place that comes to mind in Petaluma is Vopli's. It's Italian, so don't expect "great steaks". It's been around for years, has an old speakeasy bar in a back room of the restaurant. This isn't a new place made to look old, it's the real deal. Owner will even come out and play "Happy Birthday" on the accordian.

    1. Yes Volpi's is a great place. I've had a lot of fun meals there. Also if you have a hankering for beast try Stormy's in Bloomfield (between Petaluma and Bodega Bay) its also very old school with a huge fireplace and good drinks.

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        How is the food at Stormy's. Are the steaks worth the trip? Is it prime beef ? I am passing through Valley Ford on the way to Sea Ranch next week.