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Jan 6, 2009 01:00 PM

Decent Hummus Western Canada

I tried a grocery store hummus brand the other day, and threw half of it away because it wasn't very good. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find decent hummus (don't say make my own, I'm too lazy after all the holiday entertaining). I would be thrilled if there is a brand that I can get at grocery stores that is good, but if it is at a specialty store, I would be looking in Edmonton/St. Albert.

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  1. Check Elsafadi Brothers Super Market at 11316-134 Ave. You can get some nice fresh flat bread to go with that hummus, as well as other Lebanese goodies.

    1. Not sure if you get it up in ETOWN but whenever I get back to Calgary from BC I often enjoy the Cedars Deli hummus found at most grocery stores in YYC.

      1. the strathcona farmers market on saturdays has a booth that sells good hummus (the happy camel I think).

        1. I think the hummus at Hellas is good...don't remember for sure, it has been so long since I bought it...usually make my own...
          The stuff at the SFM is good, but that place is a bit expensive.

          1. Happy Camel hummus is good.

            I know what you said but seriously, if you're willing to drive (probably no less than 30-40 minutes round trip) to buy good hummus, how is that any easier than making it at home? Any grocery store has all the right ingredients and all you really need is a blender. I don't even use tahini with mine, instead I cheat and throw in a little bit of peanut butter.

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              Sometimes a good cheat for me is to buy a decent store-bought hummus then "freshen" with a squeeze of lemon juice. Or just stir in a bit of fresh crushed garlic, or tahini, or reseason with salt or more spice, etc. It turns a stale or processed tasting hummus into something that tastes a bit more home-made.