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Jan 6, 2009 12:30 PM

Does this exist - seeking good wine/prix fixe dinner

Looking for a place for dinner next thursday for me and my hubby for bday - seeking a great prix fix wine dinner that doesn't cost a fortune - and is generous with wine. Can be a neighborhood place, or something more sceney.

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  1. By this, I presume you mean a prix-fixe meal that includes wine. Typically, this means a glass of wine matched to each course. Unfortunately, I don't really know of any such restaurant in Brooklyn, although there are plenty in Manhattan. An alternative might be to choose a restaurant with a prix fixe or decently priced menu and call ahead to speak with the sommelier. I am sure several restaurants will make an effort to satisfy your request.
    Restaurants in the Slope that come to mind (quality food, appropriate ambiance for a birthday dinner and an intelligent wine list) include Tempo and Applewood.
    If you choose this route, let us know how you do.

    Ici has wine dinners from time to time and I am sure that they will also make an effort to help you if you visit them.

    1. Palo Santo does a lovely prix fixe dinner with wine pairings for around $75-80 if you sit at the beautiful kitchen bar, and I believe they will also create a pairing to match any a la carte meal on request. Rosewater also does a great prix fixe chef's tasting menu with wine pairings for $84, as does Applewood (not sure of the price).

      1. Saul does a very good prix fixe with wine pairings. I haven't been to Grocery in a long time but I suspect they do wine pairings too...I know they do a prix fixe, or did anyway a few years ago when we went there and had it.

        1. Tempo also has a prix fixe at around $35 pp and a decent wine list.

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            I haven't been to Tempo in a while, but I seem to recall reading on this board that they had discontinued the prix fixe. So, it would be worth checking if you are interested.

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              What a bummer if they did! I loved that prix fixe!