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Jan 6, 2009 12:25 PM

Trader Joe's Cookbook?

Here's something curious. Has anybody tried any of the recipes in this book? I don't think I'll be relying on TJ's for all of my ingredients ever (especially my produce, wtf Joe?), but I must admit I do have an affinity for the little market that could (and has over the years).

Was wondering if any of you have spotted this book out in the wild and given anything a spin.

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  1. Haven't gotten it yet, but I was looking through it in Vroman's last night. Lots of the ingredients I use, but none of the recipes I've come up with, and the store's site doesn't have any way to suggest them, either. They did have some meat cooked with the bruschetta sauce, which I've used (deliciously!) to cook their frozen rockfish. All the recipes I read through appeared quite sound and workable, and in some cases pretty brilliant.

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      That sounds pretty encouraging. I'll have to leaf through it the next time I'm at a bookstore.

    2. The Amazon price is $10 lower than jacket price and most of their reviews are very positive, but it's worth noting that since TJ's inventory is so changeable, some of the recipes call for discontinued items (alternatives are suggested). Among the complaints was that some of the "recipes" are merely suggestions to serve item A alongside item B, and that the book is shrink-wrapped so you can't skim through before purchase. That sounds alarm bells for me! The book was not created by TJ's, nor do they sell it.

      Last year TJ's had a recipe contest, for dishes containing 3 of their items and nothing else. I entered but never heard any results and I wonder if they were looking for contents they could use in putting out a cookbook of their own.

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        If you want to get it from Amazon, the sneaky way to shop first is to go to a real live bookstore and leaf through it there. As it happens, the one I was in is a locally-owned independent, so I'm going to spend the extra $10 or whatever to buy it there...but if it were Border's or some other chain I'd feel no such obligation.

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          i entered that contest too. i never heard what the winning recipe was!

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            Hmmm, that "serve A with B" business doesn't really interest me, either.