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Jan 6, 2009 12:20 PM

Oaxacan Style Taquerias - Houston

If I am not mistaken my wife and I spotted a Oaxcan style taqueria trailer on Richmond @ Mandell close to the Museum District. Does anyone know of any other around town if so, where are they, what is available, and the approximate price. I would love to find a tamale vendor who makes Oaxacan style tamales with black beans or mole amarillo (not the lady in Austin either). A good vendor making handmade tlayudas would also be great. We are limited to northern style Mexican here in Dallas, but on my trip to Oaxaca this past summer I learned that our guides husband spent some time in Houston with some relatives from Oaxaca so I know there is a population there.

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  1. I have not come across any Oaxacan taquerias in Houston, but Dona Tere and Pico's both make tamales oaxaqueños. I prefer the Dona Tere version.

    You may want to post the question on the Houston Chowhounds mailing list. If there is something out there, chances are Jay Francis knows about it.

    1. Hmm, what is the name of the trailer you saw on Richmond and Mandell? Is it there all the time? I'd love to try it. I'd also love to find tlayudas, especially ones with the fava bean paste, but have never seen them in California or Texas. Have you?

      Any other taco truck tips? I've had some good stuff at the trucks behind Caninos and also one truck on Antoine called El Ultimo Taco. Would like to branch out.

      Thanks in advance! Maybe I'll try to other board too.

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        It had a genious name Taqueria Oaxaca or something very simple along those lines. It seemed to be parked there and the parking lot I saw was packed not sure if it was a convenience store or a repair lot? There were a few customers in front making orders. I was on my way to the west side of town that day to try out Que Huong.

        I doubt they had tlayudas and if they did no fava bean paste. In Oaxaca they only had black beans with your choice of meats, lettuce (if you wanted to risk it), tomatoes, and Oaxacan cheese, and of course table sauce (chile).

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I went by Richmond/Mandell intersection today looking for your truck. Not there.....could it be somewhere else??

          on trucks - behind Canino's is good (Bravo) so is the one on Gessner, north of LongPoint (in front of a restaurant). Run by an Argentino, very hot green salsa, excellent ground red salsa, terrific meats.

          Homemade corn tortillas at the truck on Irvington near Cavalcade, by the car wash.

          Good rotisserie chicken at the truck / school bus on far-east Harrisburg (been awhile, I hope it's still there).

          1. re: kerr721


            I am sorry it was not there....try Richmond and Driscoll St...about a block west. Turn on your street view on Google maps point your guy west and you will see it just on the left nestled behind a building (Varidades Puebla). 1833 Richmond Ave.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Thanks for the clarification, just got back from there for lunch.

              The place is NOT Oaxacan, despite the name. I asked her what she has that's particularly Oaxacan - nothing. I did get 3 tacos (fajita, chicken, pork), same as you'd get at any other truck & they were tasty. No complaints about the quality - just nothing unique about the food menu options. It tasted really good as I ate the tacos CherryHurst Park, taking advantage of our lovely weather.

              She does have a sign advertising champurrado - but she didn't have any.

              I actually have been there before. It's about 100ft from Airline Seafood (great fish market, top quality stuff). I had been at Airline awhile back & stopped at the truck for a quick bite. Didn't note the name of the truck back then.

      2. I'm going to check it out this weekend, Will report back!
        Thanks for the taco truck tips.

        1. If you happen to come to Austin, try Oaxacan Tamaleo out by our airport in Del Valle. EXCELLENT!!