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Jan 6, 2009 11:41 AM

Looking for on-site cooking BBQ caterer in Southeastern MA area

We're looking to have an event catered in southeastern Mass and would like to do on-site cooked BBQ. We've looked at the websites of a handful of places that do on-site cooking, but there's not a lot of reviews or feedback out there that I can find.
Any information regarding the quality of the food, quality of service, etc of the various on-site BBQ caterers would be greatly appreciated. We're looking at a menu of ribs, chicken, burgers, and dogs, along with sides. Many thanks.

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  1. dont know how far they travel,but i do know they cater,Beckys bbq in middletown ,ri.they do a really good job,really nice people them,i think they have a website

    1. The Smoke Shack in Boscawen NH (near exit 17/Rt 93) does catering. There's a Mass sales tax fee noted on their catering info.
      They do NASCAR events. I have only gotten take-out and eaten in their restaurant. I've liked all that I've tried. I'm particularly fussy about cole slaw and theirs is good. Love their mac 'n cheese and spicy beans.

      1. Tex's BBQ Express in Dedham. They have cooked for us and they were terrific. Brought all the set up, we didn't have to provide anything. It's almost a show but the people who cooked were very professional and very nice. The food was excellent! I recommend them.

        1. Smoke and Pickles based in Westport, MA.
          The food is fantastic! They operated a short lived restaurant in Westport a few years ago (a rented building open once a week for a couple of months). Now they just stick to catering.

          1. Not sure how far this guy travels (located on LI) but he's the best.