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Jan 6, 2009 11:29 AM

Quinoa SD

Curious to hear where you have encountered quinoa based dishes in San Diego.

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  1. Burger Lounge's veggie burger is made from it, among other things. People's Co-Op's deli sometimes has quinoa stuff.

    1. Quinoa based veggie burgers at Burger Lounge. Yum!

      1. I have not gotten around to eating at the restaurant, but I have tasted a couple of dishes from Q'ero in Encinitas at charity tastings that had Quinoa. These were used a a starch side, and not so much as the star. One was a chicken and garlic dish over Quinoa, I can't remember the other dish's protien, pork? but it was over a bed of quinoa as well.

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          I've only had it at Burger Lounge but now that Trader Joe's stocks it, it is our grain of choice.

          Yummy stuff.

        2. Q'Ero in Encinitas makes quinoa. They also have a quinoa-crusted chicken that is the bomb. An excellent restaurant.

          Saladstyle in downtown SD makes a Vegan salad that has quinoa in it, as well. Another great place.

          1. Naked Cafe in Solana Beach serves quinoa as a side with a number of dishes, and it's often red quinoa, which I'd never seen before. They also incorporate it into a number of dishes. One of my favorite restaurants, BTW, and judging from the lines on weekends, I have lots of company. Only open for breakfast and lunch, though.