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Jan 6, 2009 11:26 AM

stir fry pan

hello all- i'm looking for an easy to use stir fry type pan- not a wok or cast iron bc i know i won't be able to maintain.

I was thinking about either the calphalon one sir fry or the calphalon try ply. ideally under $75 but am looking to hear peoples experiences and suggestions. thanks!

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  1. I bought mine for less than $20 at a big store in Chinatown and it hasn't ever let me down - it's cast iron and with a glas lid. Heavy and all-purpose.

    1. There's nothing to maintain about a wok. You just use it. When you're done, let it cool down, scrap any stuck bits off, and put it away.

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        Oh there are Asian folks reading this post and cringing.
        Sure, a non stick "wok' would have no cares/worries, but oh my, the flavor you get from a well seasoned wok over a real flame does not come from a wok that's scraped, and put away. Isn't it called Wok Hay or some such?

      2. I would not at all recommend a non-stick. I gave mine away. I had some success with stainless steel. I recently purchased a decent wok/stirfry. They don't call it that, though, they call it a multi-purpose pan. It has a domed lid. It is stainless that has been treated by bombarding it with steel balls or something. It is not non-stick, but damned close. Cleans up like a dream. It will take lotsa heat for stirfry.
        It is marketed by Starfrit, but the name on the pan is "Heritage" Got it from the Canadian HSN site (

        I am finally happy with my wok (Been through 4 of them)


        1. What are you mainly going to cook in it please? For how many people? What is your heat source?

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          1. re: Robin Joy

            So far fried rice (a number of times) Haven't had it long enough to get into serious chinese food yet.
            I've used it on an electric stove and also an induction burner.

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              Sounds good, but I was really asking the OP.

          2. I have a wok but after I bought it I realized that the wok ring wouldn't fit on my range and I was too nervous to use it without the wok ring so it ended up in the basement. My mom had given me an All-Clad chef's pan and I started using that instead and it works fine. (I love that pan - very versatile....)

            I recently purchased a new range though, and it just occurred to me that I may be able to use my wok on this range with the wok ring. Have to dig it out of the basement...