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Jan 6, 2009 11:24 AM

Soul food SD Sister Peewee's and Bonnie Jean

I am thinking about doing a soul food crawl of San Diego. I know of these two places and was wondering if anyone was familiar with others. Any experiences with these two of note? If anyone's interested in joining me email or respond.

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  1. Know and love Bonnie Jean's. Best fried catfish in SD, great fried chicken, links, etc. But my favorite is the oxtail. Big Yum!

    Depending on the day, love to do a soul food crawl. You might add Huffman's to the list. Though thought of as a BBQ place, they do some decent soul food too.

    1. I love the fried catfish at Bonnie Jean's! I would be interested in a crawl. Stockdale's Fine Southern Cuisine has an awesome Sunday brunch/soul food.

      1. I have been to Sister Pee-Wees a couple of times and enjoyed the food. Big plate of food for a decent's always whatever the Sister decides to cook that day, but there's usually a choice or two of what plate you want. It's a tiny, tiny place. No tables if I recall correctly (it has been about a year) and just maybe 8-10 seats at a counter.

        A little more detail on the ambience/offerings: the place is covered with "witty" bumper stickers. You could spend your whole meal reading them! Usually they have the TV on, too. They don't have any sodas to drink. I think beverages are limited to water or that fruit punch you buy at the grocery in the milk jug gallon type container.

        I enjoy it! I'd love to try more SD soul food on a crawl, but I don't think that fits into my new healthy eating plan :(

        1. Just a quick note, that in keeping with our guidelines for chowdowns ( ), we'd ask that those who want to join kare_raisu for his crawl respond to him via email (his email address is in his profile) rather than on the boards. If you've got chow opinions about Sister Peewee's or Bonnie Jean, though, feel free to post them here.

          1. I am not 100% sure what your criteria are, but Magnolia's off Euclid does southern/cajun food and has chitterlins on sat/sun. Definitely a sit-down, fairly nice restaurant.

            Barnes BBQ in Lemon Grove also does some southern side dishes so it might qualify as well.

            Magnolias Authentic Southern Dining
            342 Euclid Ave Suite 403, San Diego, CA