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Jan 6, 2009 11:00 AM

Ryokan with great food in Kinosaki

I am planning a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto and looking for a traditional Ryokan with outdoor onsen in the Kinosaki area. I have lloked at Nishimuraya which looks amazing but with the UK exchange rate it is out of my price range. Any suggestions for an alternative?

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  1. Here's a list of ryokans in that area.

    And here's Kinosaki Onsen's official English language page:

    1. i'm looking for the same...
      a beautiful ryokan with amazing food within a short trip of kyoto.
      am considering staying at nishimuaya just for the experience.
      let me know what you end up finding!
      thanks! :)

      1. I'm not sure what your price range is, but it looks like you'll be spending a minimum of Y20,000 for a room with dinner and breakfast at most ryokans around Kinosaki Onsen. Nishimuraya's main ryokan (they also have a second property) starts at Y34,500 per person with meals. Some of these ryokans may not be able to help you without the assistance of someone who speaks or writes Japanese for you. Single travelers will likely face language/service issues as well.

        It's crab season for the Japan sea coast, so most meal plans reflect the cost of the local crab.

        Here's a listing from Jalan for ryokans and some hotels in Kinosaki (in Japanese) including descriptions of the meal plans:

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        1. re: E Eto

          Brilliant-thank you, they all look really good. I can not wait to try the crab!! The food is the most important factor and we would prefer an outdoor onsen and a traditional setting rather than a modern hotel type Ryokan. Our budget is about 27 000 each. Do you know the name of Nishimuraya's second property?
          I am considering waiting until we arrive to choose somewhere which may be a bit risky or waiting until we arrive in Kyoto for seek advice from the our first hotel. I only have a week until we leave!

          1. re: Peppermint T

            The main ryokan is called Nishimuraya Honkan (西村屋本館 ), and the other property is a hotel ryokan called Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei (西村屋ホテル招月庭 ). It seems that both fall outside your parameters.

            From what I've gathered through looking at various sites, Kinosaki Onsen is a resort destination for people with some money to spend. Most higher-end ryokans get ingredients from similar places and I would think they all have top-notch kitchens, so I think it will boil down to service when making your choice. Unless you're going to have a Japanese speaker with you, even during dinners to explain all the courses, I think the main factor that will affect your experience is finding a ryokan that can provide some English speaking services for you. In one of the websites I linked earlier, you'll find a listing of ryokans with links to their websites. Many of them do have English sites, so you may want to try sending emails to those and see if you get an answer about availability and services.