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Jan 6, 2009 10:58 AM

Lapellah a New Restaurant in Vancouver, Wa - has anyone been yet?

I heard some buzz about this new restaurant, Lapellah, at the Grand Central Station in Vancouver, Washington. Lapellah was formed with the guys who own ROOTS and 360 Pizza in Camas. So it seems like it would be good.

I found some stuff on YELP and the pictures of the interior looks really amazing. And it looks like the dining room has a ton of character and warmth. Which are things I love in a dining room.

But I have found no food or service review and would like to know more before I take a trek across the bridge to Vancouver. Good looks aren't everything.
Anyone been to Lapellah yet? Thanks!

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  1. I drive by this place almost every day, and even from the outside -- it looks amazing. I want to check it out sometime this week. I'll post a review once I do.

    1. Just ate at Lapellah for dinner. I will say, the decor is very nice and thematic. First, I will note that I eat seafood, but not eat meat and that GREATLY limited my options, as it does many places. The food was decent, but I was not completely wowed. I tried the flatbread with spinach and artichoke dip which was really great, not too creamy or mayonnaise-y. The stuffed trout had an ok flavor, but should have no bones. Both my companion and I had two bites with bones. They were not large bones, as though they had been cut in the deboning, making them very hard to remove without spitting the bite out. A little disappointing to say the least. The fish and chips were crunchy and not fishy, but bland. The fries and tartar sauce were totally ordinary and there was no lemon on the plate, vinegar offered etc.. There was also no fresh garnish, like a cabbage slaw etc. They have an extensive wine list, and decent beers on tap (ninkasi!). I peeked the lunch menu, which had more options I would like to try, but in one visit, I exhausted the options I wanted to try for dinner. I will go back to check out the happy hour. Nothing was horrible, service was great, yet nothing was amazing either. I think in a few months, the menu will evolve in a positive way. I am thankful for another option in the the area, and am excited to see what this restaurant becomes!

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        I'm glad someone else mentioned the limited "meatless" options. My husband and I had been counting down the days until the restaurant opened since we are big fans of 360 Pizzeria and Roots, but were disappointed to see the lack of vegetarian options. I hope this will improve. I too am thankful for another option in the area and excited to try it out in the near future. Thanks for the write ups!

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          not defending the food, since I havent been but do you really want a chef/restaurant to "do more Vegetarian options" if thats not what they are comfortable with? Vegetables require just as much, if not more care and skill to prepare as meat does. If they arent their forte, maybe thats why they dont do them?

          I dont go to vegetarian restaurants and lament the lack of Baby Backs!?

      2. Four of us tried Lapellah for the first time on a Saturday night. Decor was nice. Didn't try the wine list, but cocktails were good. Some timing problems in the kitchen as our soups and salads took over 30 minutes to arrive (my onion soup was cold), and then our entrees arrived two minutes later! Entrees were just steak ordered medium came out very rare. One member of our party had the Gumbo and said it was "not bad". I had the Fish and Chips and it was OK but nothing special. We tried the Lapellah Mud Pie for dessert and it was frozen solid when brought to our table, had to wait 10 minutes for it to thaw. Service was good and very apologetic. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give our first visit about a 5. I would not recommend it right now as it was disappointing overall. We'll probably try it again but I think we will give them a few months to work out the glitches.

        1. I went last night; the food was good; not great. Our waitress was friendly, she took order and then we saw her twice after that; once to bring our food and then to bring our check. 17.00 For chicken and some veggies; was a little over priced. I did however get the luxury of having broken glass in my seat. I had felt something sharp and when I went to see what is was it cut me. I had to go find a Manager to get a band aid for the bleeding; never once did she ask if I was ok. The response from the manager was " no one told me anything was broken in this booth; sorry". I would say I would not go there again. Save your money and go to Roots or 360.