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Jan 6, 2009 10:40 AM

Visiting New Orleans - would like opinions on Brigsten's R. August or others

Hi there! We are visiting NoLa in a few weeks while husband is on business - so I am starting to look for some restaurants. I visited your beautiful city many years ago and loved the Upperline, where we hope to dine again. But I am looking for a few other options. Have made a res at Restaurant August and need one or two more. Brigsten's was mentioned as a possibility. Will anyone kindly let me know how this restaurant stacks up?? The menu looks fantastic!! Are there others I should not miss?? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Brigsten's is wonderful, as is August. You won't go wrong with either of those. Galatoire's is well worth a visit, as is Cuvee.

    Another fun alternative is the do the Chef Duke's 'Feed Me" at Cafe Giovanni. Our meal consisted of 6 wonderful courses and great wine pairings.

    If it's been several years since you've been to Upperline, just know it isn't as good as it used to be. I've been there twice since Katrina, but have found it to be lacking.

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      WOW - good to know - perhaps I will reconsider, given the other very good options you mention. I checked out the websites and menus for both Cuvee and Cafe Giovanni - both look excellent - with a preference for the Cuvee menu (though your suggestion of the "Feed Me" tasting is very appealing). Thanks for the great suggestions, I will report back. Thanks again!

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        Well stated. Have not done Upperline, but the other three recs. rank very highly with me.

        Enjoy your trip,


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          I second that emotion on all of the above. That said, if I had only one dinner in NOLA right now, it would have to be Stella!