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Jan 6, 2009 10:38 AM

Dinner in Downtown Pittsburgh On Mon 1/12

Phila. chowhound going to Pittsburgh on 1/12 for business. Any suggestions for dinner on a monday night in downtown area. I am staying at the Marriot. I am really looking for good ethnic food and fun atmoshphere. Thanks

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  1. My favorite, without question is Nine on Nine on Penn Avenue.

    If you are in the Marriott the Steelhead is a pretty good choice. If you are in the Marriott Courtyard, that hotel houses the Somoma Grill which is also a pretty good choice. Eleven is a very short cab ride (or kind of long walk), but very good. If you have a clear night make sure to go over to Station Square and take the incline up to Mt. Washington to enjoy the best city view in the country!

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      None of those would really quality as "good ethnic food" though, would they?

      How about something like Seviche ( downtown or Kaya just down the road in the Strip (

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        Thank You!!!! If you ever come to Phila please ask for help